You Can’t Take The Spirt: The Cranberries Beautifully Emotional In The End

On April 26th, The Cranberries released their final album, In The End. It consists of 11 new tracks that Mike and Noel Hogan and Fergal Lawler finalized – based around demos the group had started to write and record in 2017. Singer, the late-great Dolores O’Riordan, worked on lyrics and laying down vocal demos throughout the following year, ultimately sending pieces to Noel right up until shortly before her sudden passing.

Dolore O’Riordan. What an extraordinary talent.

Her words have always been poetic in nature. Beautifully vulnerable with a constant wave of graceful melody that surf upon the complimentary music – going straight from their souls to yours.

O’Riordan’s voice is just sensational. I choose the word sensational because like the definition of sensation – her prowess was her own and most importantly made you feel.

In The End is no exception. As a word’s person myself, it’s hard not to dwell in the lyrics of the record and ask yourself, what was O’Riordan feeling? What is she trying to say? Whatever your interpretation is, whatever the songs mean to you now – two things are certain. One – her message as always, was delicate and profound. And two – like any true artist, she makes you think.

For example, in the story of “Illusion” O’Riordan places the words “for now” after the chorus hook of, “It’s all an illusion, this is my conclusion.” That line would have been enough and strong on its own. But dropping  “for now” at the end? What does that mean? She may change her mind? She may think about it more? She may let it go?

Regardless, you may choose to not dig into the words and simply enjoy the sweet sounds of O’Riordan’s voice mixed with the sonic bliss of the band. That’s fair and that can be enough. But, if you too are a lyric-enthusiast, know that selecting a set of just 10 was no easy task. Sometimes the impact can come from the depths of an entire song, and sometimes it comes from just five words.

The first thing you hear on In The End is O’Riordan forcefully whispering, “Are you found?” And the last thing you hear is a soft singing of the line “In the end” shortly after a chant of undeniable spirit. Appropriate.

Much love.

photo by: Andy Earl

“All Over Now”

Are you found?

Do you remember?
Do you recall?
Do you remember?
I remember it all

“Wake Me When It’s Over”

Living in the past
It’s difficult to hide
Some things will never last
When you’re swallowing your pride

“A Place I Know”

I’m open
Tomorrow will come

“Catch Me If You Can”

Catch me if you can
Release me if you will

Catch me (Yesterday is gone)
If you can (We’re moving swift along)
Release me (Yesterday is gone)
If you will (We’re moving swift along)

“Got It”

With the passing of time
It’s the coming of age
Everything in good time
It’s just like turning a page


This is a story
Of failure and glory

It’s all an illusion
This is my conclusion
For now

“Crazy Heart”

Whatever makes you feel good
Whatever makes you feel alive

Whatever makes you feel young
Whatever makes you feel free

Whenever you decide to run
Whenever you decide to fly

“Summer Song”

You are my everything
The song that I might sing

“The Pressure”

When I’m feeling the pressure
You made me feel so much better

I see your face
All of my worries
Dissipate from me

“In The End”

Ain’t it strange
When everything you wanted
Was nothing that you wanted
In the end

Take my house
Take the car
Take the clothes
But you can’t take the spirit

photo by: Frederic Veron

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