#SOMETHINGGOOD with Aldous Collins, Carissa Johnson, Will Dailey and Jonathan Ulman

Our Boston neighbors – Life Is Good, are celebrating their 25th anniversary this year. Known for constantly spreading good vibes of optimism, Life Is Good has created the #SOMETHINGGOOD campaign where they are asking for us to think about something good from our lives using the hashtag. Long or short, there is no wrong answer. For each #SOMETHINGGOOD shared via social media and accompanied by a photo, Life Is Good will donate $1 to children’s organizations in need through their own Life Is Good Kids Foundation. The goal is to have one million shares resulting in one million dollars donated.

Life Is Good Company thrives off the value of ten “superpowers” – openness, courage, simplicity, humor, gratitude, fun, compassion, creativity, authenticity and love.

To join the campaign, we partnered with some of Boston’s most inspiring artists and asked them to share #SOMETHINGGOOD aligned to a favorite superpower.

photo by: Ann Marie Rollo

Aldous Collins – Gratitude:

Somehow my family, music, art and life have finally come together. I’m grateful that I get to explore my passions and my heart daily. Thank you, world.

photo by Ashley Osborn

Carissa Johnson – Creativity:

Creativity has no limits. It can come from anywhere or anything. In my experience, I just have to look at the sky and all of a sudden lyrics come to me. The colors and the patterns always ignite something in me to start writing. I am fueled by creativity and being curious. I wander around a lot with nowhere to go, and that experience in itself creates some sort of feeling that can be transformed into a song or a piece of art. Most of my favorite songs are very vague, metaphorical and I don’t know what they mean. But it’s the meaning that I get from it that makes it special. Because I’ve channeled a lot of my feelings into art and ran with a song idea by just letting it spill out. I’ve reached so many people I never thought was possible who feel similar, who have made their own interpretations from my songs. Creativity has allowed me more confidence in not restricting myself to rhymes or structures and has given me a deeper connection to spontaneity. By opening up my creativity to others, my band has come together to make some really cool songs with all of our input and has allowed for some really great collaboration with other artists. And my latest single, which we debuted recently in Boston, happens to be called ‘Something Good’” (take a listen below).

photo by: Paul Janovitz

Will Dailey -Creativity:

Appreciating the power of creativity is my #SOMETHINGGOOD. I always know I’m off track or too tired if my imagination isn’t overwhelmingly annoying. 

photo courtesy of Jonathan Ulman

Jonathan Ulman – Authenticity:

As a session drummer, my most valuable asset is my sound. Being authentic allows every record I play on to feel fresh and original. I just did a session with The Arcitype working on the new Slaine record. It was a humbling experience to know someone believes in my craft enough to bring me into their project. I’m grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with such talented artists. Slaine is one of the most respected rappers and actors out there and I’m fortunate to be a part of his art. It feels great to add my style to his unmistakable sound.

Share #SOMETHINGGOOD of your own and help kids in need. For more information visit: LifeIsGood.com/SomethingGood