photo by: Matt Lambert

Blink-182’s 10th stop on their spring North American tour was at Boston’s TD Garden. In-between Celtics playoff games (and while Taylor Swift was in town) this SoCal trio electrified an adoring crowd. Here, Artist Waves will show you how we we’re Feeling This blink-182, tour letting 10 photos tell the story.

Travis Barker, Mark Hoppus, and Tom DeLonge hadn’t played Boston proper, as the original trio since 2011. Rock band Turnstile, warmed up the stage with their 50-minute set. Then, as the lights went down and “Also sprach Zarathustra, op. 30” turns up, blink-182 takes center-stage. DeLonge slowly strolls up, waving his arms in the air. Hoppus looks elated (perhaps with a mutual new appreciation) and leans in. Suddenly, the burst into one anthem after the next.

The 25 song set was filled with hits spread throughout the evening. Placed firmly in the middle was the new single “EDGING”, which proved why it is stylized in all caps. “Dammit” closes the night at the arena and noboyd wants to go home. “What’s my age again?” Regardless, perhaps we are all “punk rock kids, coming from hell with a curse.”

This multi-platinum, award winning group of punk legends are in the midst of their biggest tour yet. It will take them through February of 2024, with a new record expected later this year. Below, lets recognize how we are all feeling this new era of blink-182 in 10 photos.

Welcome to the “Rock Show.”

“Smiling from ear to ear.”


“Forever and ever. Let’s make this last forever.”

“T.L.C. Turnstile Love Connection.”

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All photography by Matt Lambert / Trebmal Photo