That’s right, a 4×6 cardboard mailer that was stamped and said, “see you this summer!” Starting July 11, Stick Figure will embark on a summer tour and to build the excitement, they are sending out postcards.

I absolutely love this. On the front side is the tour promo graphic that notes SOJA and Little Stranger will be along for the ride. Under it, you find the dates where Stick Figure and friends will roll into town and do their thing.

When was the last time a band did a promo mailer like this? When was the last time you received such a thought, unprompted? Now, I am well aware I am not special here. Frontman, Scott Woodruff did not sit in his studio, address this to me, and drive it downtown to the post office. However, there’s a personal touch to this initiative. It’s different, creative, and dammit it worked. Keeping in theme, I immediately went to my calendar and marked that I’ll be in Mansfield on August 3.

The Wisdom Of Stick Figure

I (Artist Waves) set up shop a stone’s throw from where Stick Figure originated along the South Shore. We’ve shared a few handshakes over the years. Furthermore, we gather amongst mutual friends at least once a year, thanks to the fine folks at the Levitate Music Festival  (we made a mini doc about it in 2021).

Still, through all the positive waves here’s what consistently resonates with Stick Figure music. It’s as authentic as it gets, straight from the heart, and comes from a place of deep thought. Even in the form of a Stick Figure branded postcard in the year 2024.

If you need further proof, how about the fact that they are spearheading an effort to refund fans if they end up unable to make it to the show they bought tickets for. Who does that? The same band that sends a postcard to your house on some random Wednesday.

Tickets are on sale for the Sacred Sands summer tour now at So, “Follow your heart of gold. They say that home is where the heart is.”