How The Shortform Reel Has Become the Content of Now

Reels, shorts, the TikTok. Has it become the primary content peice? An interesting thought to ponder for a writer who is used to crafting… words. To turn that artform into a 58 second capture of images, jingles and video clips is a tall order. But in 2022 its necessary. And I have to admit – I really enjoy it. It’s both challenging and creative. Furthermore, it feels like it allows words and visuals to combine into the style of a painter who has a (social media) canvas to splatter upon. Like a pottery on a wheel, reels… are no longer social updates in which you slap up photos of you and your pals from 5 minutes ago. In a business setting, such reels can take as long as three weeks to design properly.

There’s a dual purpose. To engage with the audience by crafting engaging material that also properly captures the emotion of the experience you are trying to display. Ultimately – with a call to action as the goal. That can be to inspire someone to take action or simply just to feel something.

The first 10 months of this year have been all about the shorts for AW,. At concerts or at home, the creation builds in the palm of you hand. Here you find a highlight… reel containing many of my experiences in this space. The Levitate Festival, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Oliver Hudson challenges, Brandi Carlile, Pearl Jam, 311, The Ocean, Surfing, Lobster Rolls, Billy Strings, Mad Love, Mihali… it was all fair game. 

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Featured photographers – Matt Lambert and Alex Moulding.

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