Pushing the Dead White of anxiety Through the Door, with Talk Time’s new EP and art show.

The songs on this EP were written while both our drummer and producer were going through tough personal difficulties and loss of close family. Unfortunately as we regained our footing and began the recording process, the pandemic hit. We were stumped, and scared… but we cannot say enough great things about our producer, Matt Bishop–because despite of all the difficulties he was down to soldier on and finish the songs.

We shut ourselves in with Bishop and the studio became a little oasis of joy and creativity, the uncertainty and hard times brought us together and infused the music with a genuine healing energy, we believe. The songs had been written at that point, and the themes of turbulence and anxieties took on a new meaning that just made what we were singing about even more prescient. Finishing this record with him became such a therapeutic and creative experience, one where we could take what was happening the outside world and filter it through the prism of a pop song and sounds.

What we ended up with was a collection of songs that captures that joy and hopefully pulls the listener into a state of letting all their anxieties melt off, where we console each other and get lost in the music. I think what makes it special is that despite being born out of a dark place and recorded surrounded by negative events the songs ended up being very hopeful and have a light to them. From the urgency of the opening track “Dead Weight” to the epic multi-part journey of “Necessary Evil” these tunes convey our hopes, dreams, fears and anxieties of the past couple of years into something new–and positive. Which in itself we’re super duper thankful for, and hope that whoever listens will feel that energy and light we felt making it.


Talk Time’s new EP “Necessary Evil” is out now!

For information on Talk Time’s Block (Chain) Party ~ NFT art/EP release show visit the official invite HERE:

*Along with the EP, Talk Time will be releasing the “CryptoMusicBox” limited edition NFT series in collaboration with 5 visual artists. Each artist will give their own approach on a modern day “music box”, inspired by and audio-reactive with the songs from the album. CryptoMusicBox is a series of digital, physical, and augmented reality (AR) collectibles, with only 32 music boxes (editions) available for each song.

This NFT series plays on the nostalgia of the classic music box and transforms it into a modern day collectible art piece to display in one’s home. Mike Nissen, guitarist from Talk Time, says of the inspiration for the series: “Growing up, I remember playing with a music box at my Grandmother’s house. That tune is forever burned into my brain. The music box lives on at my mother’s house, and now when I hear it, it brings up fond memories from the past. I’m excited to bring that more personalized experience back into how we enjoy and interact with music.”

For the physical aspect of the project, each NFT purchase comes with a poster print that activates a unique AR experience that brings the music box to life in their room while playing the corresponding song.