photo by: Cassy White

On tour with Donavon Frankenreiter, an EP and a new single, Brandon Jenner is giving it all he’s got.

Wherever you go, there you are. And while you are there, give it all you got because the only one waiting is you. So go and look out your window, the world is a canvas for you. Let yourself be still and transcend. Smile at the person within.

Above, mixes lyrics from two songs off Brandon Jenner’s latest EP, Short Of Home, which was just released in June. The opening spirit of “There You Are” and profound messaging of “Give It All You Got” are just small samples of Jenner continuing to have something meaningful to say through the power of song. Driven by storytelling lyrics surfing atop a gracefully melodic strum, Jenner has always been an artist aiming to connect through open and often poetic music.

Prior to night number three of Jenner’s run with Donavon Frankenreiter at Marshfield MA’s Levitate Backyard, and two days post release of his new single “Save The Last Dance For Me”, I had the chance to speak with Jenner about his past year-and-half. From the comfortable confines of an appropriate, nautically decorated RV, we jumped right in to his southern California inspiration, the gratitude of life back on the road, and an inside look at his most recent writings.

photo by: Cassy White

I’ve gravitated towards the songs “There You Are” and “Give It All You’ve Got” since the release of Short Of Home. The theme of being present in the moment is a point that is now resonating deeper with everyone. And then to give it all you’ve got, that’s also a mission we are taking more seriously these days, but there’s something more powerful about hearing these messages in song form.

You’re on the nose. “There You Are” is about being present and enjoying the moment you are in. We spend so much time thinking about the future. That really comes to you when you start to dabble in meditations, you realize that our minds are working overtime all the time. It robs us of being able to enjoy the journey that we’re on. We are so goal focused.

With “Give It All You’ve Got”, a lot of it is an emotional effort. It’s more about getting to know who you are and getting to live your authentic self without limiting your expression through the opinion of other people. So many of us do that. We’re always thinking about “How is this going to be received?” So, it’s really about getting in touch with who you are and not what other people think you should be. Be yourself, try to live your most authentic life. If you do that, you are also doing what’s right by everyone else.

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