Moving Forward Together – an inspiring conversation with Roger Daltry and Harry Hudson

Rock legend The Who’s Roger Daltrey, who co-founded Teen Cancer America with Pete Townshend, and singer-songwriter/emerging pop star Harry Hudson, who is an ambassador for Teen Cancer America and a Hodgkin’s lymphoma survivor, recently filmed a powerful conversation about music, the need for developing care catered specially to teenagers/young adults and their unique needs, and the center that Hudson will open later this year at Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville.


When people actually see what we do and they feel the vibe of what we’re creating, it really hits them hard. Until we [Teen Cancer America] were there in the hospital system, this age group didn’t exist. They were children or adults, so to study them as a group was very, very difficult. Without this age group, we wouldn’t have the music business we have now. Everybody in the music business owes it to adolescents and young adults because that’s the foundation of our industry. If they’re not there for us, we’ve got nothing. We’ve got to be there for them.


As a young adult who’s battled cancer, I understand firsthand how lonely it is to go through that experience, especially when you have no one else to relate or talk to. That’s why I love Teen Cancer America. They understand that top quality treatment means creating a quality environment for the teen to be able to feel like they can create or just relax and hang out with other patients around their age. And Roger is a hero to me. He’s healing lives with his music & philanthropy — AND he’s doing it at the highest level. That’s how I envision my career. That’s what I work toward every day. I’m just grateful to have had the conversation and continue to keep moving it forward together.

Harry Hudson released his new single, “Intimidating,” last week via Roc Nation, which was featured on Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist. Listen here, and watch the visualizer here

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