Satisfied to drive in my own lane

Photo by: Jimmy Fontaine

It’s only the beginning of it all

Vicious, adjective:
a : dangerously aggressive 
b : marked by violence or ferocity

When you first think of the word “vicious” and then get a glimpse of the great album cover for Halestorm’s brand new record that goes by this title, it is fair to say your immediate reaction is to stamp it with aggressiveness. But within the definition above there lies the word, “ferocity” — the state of quality of being ferocious. And my interpretation is that it is based off a foundation of relentlessness, passion and emotion.

Enter Vicious. Cracking it open and listening front-to-back, it seems there is a direct line between the two words that ultimately creates a beautiful viciousness all in the way lead-singer Lzzy Hale delivers her lyrics, ferociously — pouring her heart and soul into every note and every word.

The record is filled with empowerment and courage to come out the other end being who you are, and furthermore, not apologizing for it. In fact, narrowing to just 10 sets of lyrics was a vicious task. But in doing so, I notice they come in all shapes and sizes. Some in the form of an entire song, and some in just 12 words.

Photo by: Jimmy Fontaine

“Black Vultures”

Pt. 1
I don’t give in, I don’t give up
I won’t ever let it break me
I’m on fire, I’m a fighter
I’ll forever be the last one standing

Pt. 2
I am the eye of the storm
And you haven’t seen the last of me just yet
I’ve fallen down but I’m not out
I’m coming back for more

I did it ’cause I wanna
And I did it ’cause I’m gonna
I did it just because I can
I did it ’cause it makes me feel so good

I do it ’cause I love it
And I want some more of it
And I do it ’cause you said I can’t

“Killing Ourselves to Live”
And if this is our last trip
At least we’ll go together

“Heart of Novocain”
Pt. 1
And now I am strong where I was weak
And I am unafraid of being me

Pt. 2
I don’t feel afraid and I won’t run away
I believe in me and now I see

“White Dress”
*The whole damn song… but for example…
(Satisfied to drive in my own lane…
I’m still gonna make you proud)

What doesn’t kill me makes me vicious
I’m not gonna break

“The Silence”
The stars will rearrange
The sun will fade away
Everyone will change
But we will still remain

I’ve been a survivor since I began to crawl

Halestorm’s brand new record Vicious is out now

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