Welcome to The Home Shows

Original artwork by: Carlos Vargas

Good Evening.

Welcome to Safeco Field where tonight and (Friday the 10th) Seattle’s own, Pearl Jam, will rock two legendary home shows on the diamond. Over the past seven months, Pearl Jam has banded together with more than 140 businesses, individuals, government agencies, and foundations in an effort to fight homelessness in King County.

Fans from all over the globe have graced the Emerald City in support of this great cause. The stage is set, the bases are loaded, we got some if you need it… so, hey ho let’s go.

Leading Off:

Bringing the speed and star-spangled banner,

Ichiro Suzuki / Mike McCready

Position: OF / Guitar

Walk Up Song: “Inside Job”

Home Shows Quote:

“Let me run into the rain
to shine a human light today. Life comes from within your heart and desire.”

Batting 2nd:

Laying the consistent foundation,

Edgar Martinez / Matt Cameron

Position: 3B / Drums

Walk Up Song: “The Fixer”

Home Shows Quote:

“When something’s low
I wannna put a little high on it
When something’s lost
I wanna fight to get it back again”

Batting 3rd

Scaling walls and calling the signals. The Kid,

Ken Griffey Jr. / Eddie Vedder

Position: OF/Vocals

Walk Up Song: “Undone”

Home Shows Quote:

“Change don’t come from one it’s a wave”

Batting 4th:

Cleaning up…the big man, the secret weapon,

Nelson Cruz/Boom Gaspar

Position: DH / Keys

Walk Up Song: “Love Boat Captain”

Home Shows Quote:

“There’s just one word I still believe and its love.”

Batting 5th:

On a pine-tar skateboard, bad-to-the-bone,

Jay Buhner / Jeff Ament

Position: OF / Bass

Walk Up Song: “Low Light”

Home Shows Quote:

“I need the light
I’ll find my way from wrong, what’s real
Your dream I see”

On The Mound:

Bringing the heat, a snapshot of Seattle, the Big Unit,

Randy Johnson / Stone Gossard

Position: P/Guitar

Entrance Song: “Leash”
(Don’t gimme no lip, I’m just not having it)

Home Shows Quote:

“Will myself to find a home, a home within myself
We will find a way, we will find our place”


$2 from every six pack of The Home Shows Seattle Pale Ale will be donated to The Home Shows initiative to fight homelessness.

Score Card:

800 families experience homelessness on any given night in King County. 
1,500 youth are on the street alone.


Get Informed
on how you can participate and help fight homelessness

Pearl Jam and their greater community — changing lives one pitch, one song, one show at a time.

With that….PLAY BALL! Or better yet, Let’s Play Two!

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Featured art by: Carlos Vargas
– Skype: carlosvargas.online
– FB: facebook.com/vargastoons

  • all Pearl Jam player card photos courtesy of Ryan Derek Manley

Feature written & produced by: Jeff Gorra

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~ jeffgorra@artistwaves.com