By: Pro Photographer, Chris Cuffaro

Asking me to write about me and my art? Good question, but not easy to answer. Here are the basics… I’ve been a photographer in Los Angeles for over 35 years. Shot my first concert December 1976. Love music almost as much as I love photography. My style is simple. My philosophy is simple… Do my best to capture whats in front of me and make sure we have fun doing it. I like to let the talent be themselves and do my best to make them look good. After all these years and so many photo shoots, I feel my best work is the simplest work. I believe that simple lasts the longest when it comes to art, music and life.

I’ve spent my life building a body of work and I’m so not done yet. Here are three images and their stories. I do NOT have any favorites.

Nirvana | 03.30.91

My first shoot with the band back in 1991. Shot in Seattle. I was there to shoot Queensryche and was lucky enough to squeeze this shoot in. I love this photo because it’s so me. I give the band their space to be themselves and then its my job to capture it. It was a fun day for everyone. At the time I knew the band was great, but had no idea what they would become.

Pearl Jam | 08.29.91

This was my second shoot for Pearl Jam. It was shot at Discovery Park in Seattle. Another great day with the band and the guys were always easy to shoot. This shoot day was spent at the park and just having fun. I love this shot because it just represents 1991, Seattle and what was going on at the time. Again keeping it simple and fun.

Jane’s Addiction | 11.12.90

One of my favorite bands of all time. I was such a big fan that I use to go to as many shows as I could for twoyears. I would shoot everything I could. I just wanted to capture who they were, but they were so many things. I thinks that’s why I could never get enough and always wanted to shoot more. This shoot was done for Warner Brothers Records and was the publicity shoot for Ritual De Lo Habitual.

~Chris Cuffaro

In collaboration with Jeff Gorra — Artist Waves

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