A Tribute to the fans — “The Strangest Tribe”

We finally arrive after a long journey. Exchange greetings and give our best attempt at directions to the closest convienance store to a young Dutch couple. In turn, they point us towards a gathering of people near by, we wish each other luck and “See You Later”.

We join the group that’s been gathering since the previous day. We’re welcomed and greeted by smiling friendly faces. Conversations sparked up, “Hello, Hi.. where are you guys from?

The responses come like a badge of honor -Philly, NYC, Boston, Los Angeles, Berlin, Rotterdam, Sydney, Milan, Toronto, Denver, Dallas, Paris, Barcelona, Seattle!

The Tribe relaxing in GA line before Miami 2016 show

Where are we? The Airport? The UN? nope.. Gathering just outside of a venue prior to a Pearl Jam show, with fellow Strangest Tribe members.

Who is Strangest Tribe?

I figured there’d be boat loads written about the band after the announcement was made by the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame that Pearl Jam has officially been selected into their class of 2017. I wanted to take a different look. A look at the fans, the “Strangest Tribe”.

The Tribe welcomes all. The Tribe does not discriminate. Members of the Tribe come in every imaginable shape, size, color, age, race, & sex. They originate from all over the world. As a result, lifelong friendships have been formed, marriages introduced and organizations like the Wishlist Foundation have formed in an effort to have an impact on worthy causes. All thanks to the shared love of Pearl Jam’s music.

How do you become a member of the Strangest Tribe?

That’s a question that cannot be answered by another, but there are signs, symptoms & side effects that are undeniable.

Picking up GA Tickets and Wristbands or finding out where those Ten Club Reserve seats are located is always a special moment for Tribe members

Am I already a Tribe member? Answer Yes to any of the below questions and you might have your answer.

Have you ever planned a vacation, holiday, wedding, anniversary, birthday, or get-a-way around or to coincide with Pearl Jam tour dates?

Have you ever traveled to a city, state, region or country for the first time because of a Pearl Jam tour?

Do you anticipate the Ten Cub monthly newsletter and feel disappointment when there’s no tour announcment?

Other symptoms of PJ Tribe-itis include:

Tribe members sing in the choir — The uncontrollable urge to blurt out phrases like..“That’s all” during any performance of the song “Black” or no matter where you are or who’s around and you hear “Alive” you cant help but sing out…


Tribe members sing in the choir

Tribe members thrive and unite again when the lights come up, make sure they have all their things (& new merch), then with gratitude, feel a tiny bit disappointed every time they hear the first guitar riffs of “Yellow Ledbetter”….. “Time to go?”

Tribe members are generally polite, yet speak up.

The Tribe gathers all over the world— Amsterdam, Netherlands — PJ Pop Up Store

Best of all… The Tribe Cares…….

Thanks for the Memories, Let’s make more!!!!!

Tribe members have one common link. They can all tell you exactly the moment they themselves became members. The moment lightning struck, the moment the music, the gathering people, the love exchanged between band and fans all blended together into the Strangest Tribe, also known as…The Pearl Jam Family — Now the Hall of Fame Strangest Tribe!

Join the Ten Club

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