Do good stuff. Earn points. Get rewarded. By: Founder, Brandon Deroche

The Propeller Concept:

Propeller provides artists with simple ways to turn fans into boots on the ground supporters for their cause. By offering VIP flyaway meet & greet experiences, onstage viewing opportunities and other incentives, artists drive actions from their fan base such as signing petitions, registering to vote or donating. We do this both online and onsite at live events.

Everything revolves around a points program where the more actions you complete, the more you can earn. It’s a bit like frequent flyer miles for doing good, as we tend to describe it.

Which Causes:

Oftentimes our relationship with a nonprofit starts because an artist we’re working with wants to support them. We also have our principles which involve standing up for issues pertaining to the environment, social justice, and equality, for example, which make it easier for us to align which organizations that match these values.

Christina from Rapid City, IA for takes action for March for our Lives and wins a trip to meet Zedd, Grouplove & Incubus at SunFest

The How and Why:

In most cases, we don’t feel that immediately sticking a donate button in someone’s face is an effective tactic for gaining a new supporter. They might have never heard of the organization or might not know anything about the work they do, yet they’re being asked to give.

We like to start with some simple touch points of engagement to introduce an organization to a potential new person, and convert them over time into a long term supporter.

Measuring the Impact:

All impact is measured on Propeller. There is no “honor system” with our actions. We’re focused on creating meaningful actions and getting real results for our nonprofit partners.

“I believe in contributing to making our home (Earth) a liveable place for as long as possible. Being an active participant in protecting the environment and creating change is very important to me. The fact that these organizations are doing so on a large-scale and measurable change is wonderful.

Meeting Incubus was AWESOME! We got the opportunity to converse with the guys and find out some cool details about their history, as well as some tips on where to visit and shop in Lima. Incubus is my favorite band so this was by far the best experience for me!”

~ Winner, Lorraine Sandoval, on her experience winning a trip to see and meet Maroon 5 and Incubus in Peru.

The Influence and Inspiration of Incubus:

Incubus started their Make Yourself Foundation in 2003, and I’ve been involved since 2011.

Since the beginning, the band has been doing meet and greets before every show where 100% of the proceeds goes towards the foundation which has given millions to causes the band cares about across a variety of categories. They’ve also been a huge help to Propeller since day one.

I think they feel fortunate to be in the position they’re in, and using their platform to give back is a no-brainer.

Propeller winners attend an ‘8’ listening party with the band

What’s On Tap:

This summer we’re continuing our online campaigns, bringing on lots of new partners, and we’re also expanding quite a bit on our live event volunteer platform which we started last summer.

I’m excited to add more diversity to the platform with partners like AFROPUNK and also help push forward some work I feel is really important right now with organizations like Everytown For Gun Safety and voter registration with HeadCount.

I’d recommend just going to Propeller and poking around a bit. Whether you’re in it for the prizes or the causes, I’ll bet you’ll discover something on there that meets your interest.

Current campaigns include:
Win a trip to meet Young the Giant at Ohana Festival
A golf cart adventure with Glitch Mob
Meet Dispatch in Boston

~Brandon Deroche

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