Let the wind carry you home

Photo by: William Burkle

“A lot of it is just my approach to life. The same is true for Mark (Tremonti). Just trying to persevere is not always easy. You’ll always have your ups and downs, but remembering that you have to push through things and have a fighter spirit, that will always be there to some degree with my writing. I believe that wholeheartedly. I don’t believe in giving up. Within my years on this planet, I’ve seen too many examples where if you work hard enough and you get back up, you kick the dust off and keep pressing forward, you will get back on path. Life is going to then be much more rewarding as opposed to someone who falls down, stays down and complains and blames everybody around them. I don’t subscribe to that theory of living. I believe you make your own destiny. I will continue to convey that in the songs.” ~ Myles Kennedy

This past September, I asked Myles Kennedy during our interview about his knack for writing inspirational lyrics. His response was the quote above. The more I thought about Kennedy’s profound and heartfelt answer, I realized that standpoint is what attracted me to Alter Bridge in the first place.

I vividly remember being in a gym and seeing the video for “Open Your Eyes” hovering above the weight racks. The volume was low, but their was no mistaking the honesty portrayed in that simple video. The band’s eyes were so believable.

From that first song to 13-years strong, it’s a theme you will see throughout their five releases — lyrically rich records that naturally move the listener. Regardless of the subject, their words and music strike chords that everyone can relate to.

Selecting 10 sets of lyrics was no easy task. What you will find is each record is represented and the inspiring lyrics come in all shapes and sizes — some in form of an entire song and some in just nine words.

Photo by: William Burkle

“Burn it Down”

So burn it down
Discover the dusk of your day has reached its dawn
So burn it down
Remember to find a new to carry on

“Rise Today”

I want to rise today
And change this world

“Brand New Start”

We will make a brand new start
From the pieces torn apart
The break of day is before us


~The whole damn song

Photo by: William Burkle

“Make it Right”

Into the fire you fall, only you can make it right 
Stand up and fight for us all, if only you can make it right

“Breathe Again”

Well I am free to roam
And set out on my own
To rise above the hands that try to hold me down
Before the end
I know I’ll breathe again to find my way

Photo by: William Burkle

“Life Must Go On”

We have our misfortunes
The darkest of days
We must endure and keep strong
Just look to the morning
The promise awaits
And know that this life must go on….

’Cause the sun always sets
 The moon always falls
 It feels like the end
 Just pay no mind at all
 Keep rolling
 Life must go on

Photo by: James Wessels

“All Ends Well”

Somewhere down the road your stars will show
Somewhere down the road you’re almost home

If you believe in nothing else
Just keep believing in yourself
There will be times of trouble,
It’s gonna hurt like hell
This much I know, all ends well
It all ends well

“My Champion”

Sometimes you fall before you rise
Sometimes you lose it all to find
You’ve gotta keep fighting
And get back up again
The world’s gonna try and knock you out
Just pick yourself up when you go down
You’ve gotta keep fighting
And get back up again
My champion

Photo by: William Burkle

“You Will Be Remembered”

I know this life’s a mystery, we lose the things we never can replace
So many things we keep inside are never said until it’s much too late
So I’m giving you this song

Photo by: William Burkle

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