Lang discusses his first record in four years

Jonny Lang has announced a brand new studio album, Signs. His first album in four years will be released on August 25 in Europe and September 8th in North America.

The lead song off the record, “Make It Move” can now be downloaded for free via:

About “Make it Move”:

“There have been times in my life where I thought something would take care of itself, when I should have put some effort forth to help it happen. Being proactive has been a weak spot for me, and the song is about doing your part to get things moving.”

On The Influence of Early Blues:

“A lot of my earlier influences have been coming to the surface, like Robert Johnson, and Howlin’ Wolf. I have been appreciating how raw and unrefined that stuff is. I had an itch to emulate some of that and I think it shows in the songs. Still, I let the writing be what it was and that was sometimes not necessarily the blues.”

The Inspiration Behind Signs:

“Some of the songs are autobiographical, but not usually in a literal way. The main goal is for folks to be able to relate to what I went through. If I can’t make it work using just my personal experience, I use my imagination to fill in blanks.”

Working with Josh Kelly:

“Josh and I cut six or seven songs together and had a blast doing it. I am saving the other ones for who knows what, but I definitely wanted that one to be on this record.”

~Jonny Lang

Signs track-listing:
01. Make It Move
02. Snakes
03. Last Man Standing
04. Signs
05. What You’re Made Of
06. Bitter End
07. Stronger Together
08. Into The Light
09. Bring Me Back Home
10. Wisdom
11. Singing Songs

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