Being a student and an artist, with: Taylor Grey

Rising pop sensation Taylor Grey released her highly anticipated debut album Space Case on Friday, June 16th. The album is executive produced by the award winning, Josh Abraham (Justin Bieber, P!nk, Kelly Clarkson, etc.) and produced by Nico Stadi, among others. It features special appearances by The Vamps’ Brad Simpson (“Fallin’”) and Spencer Kane (“Miami”). The album is available on all digital platforms and official tour and ticket information can be found here.

Space Case is an authentic and infectious blend of pop and R&B infused songs co-written by Grey, a 19-year-old Stanford sophomore. Grey took a moment out of her busy schedule to bring us into her world of college and music:

The College Student at Stanford and Recording Artist Balance:

I do both at the same time! It’s tricky, but it’s definitely worth it. It’s all about finding time and finding the right times. I’ll travel a lot for music on the weekends and on holidays, and I try to miss as little school as possible. I did go on tour during midterms once though!

On Campus:

I’m definitely known as a fellow student! People, especially my friends, know what I do, but no one treats me differently, which is great. There are so many incredible people on campus that I would be far from the first to be treated otherwise. Although I will say, sometimes I get the “you’re the singer, right?”

The Stanford Environment Influence:

Being in college in general and growing up has really allowed me to experience new opportunities and meet people that inspire and influence me musically every day. Also, the beautiful weather doesn’t hurt.

All of the songs on the album, except one, were written after I started college. There are definitely a couple that were influenced by some of the people I’ve met and there are few written about experiences that I’ve gone through.

The Emotion of Being a College Student:

There are so many emotions and new experiences involved with being a college student — how can I not write about them? Sometimes song–writing provides a catharsis for me — a sense of closure that even helps me to explain these situations to myself. It’s my outlet, my way of expressing what I feel and I m so fortunate to have that.

~Taylor Grey

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