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Welcome to 311 week on Artist Waves.

311 recently celebrated 27 years strong — with all five original members. The band’s full ride is one of immense creativity and honesty, that ultimately has home-brewed a movement and way of life amongst their faithful hive. On Friday the 23rd, they release their 12th record, MOSAIC. In tribute and celebration, we have one unique feature per day.

Part 3: We hear from the Excitables themselves — the fans! 311’s new album cover for MOSAIC, features 10,000 fan photos serving as a genuine nod. Here, the fans return the favor, sharing personal experiences where 311, their music and their community had a significant impact on their lives.

My husband proposed on our first 311 cruise in 2015. We got married 3/6/16 and 311 weekend in Nola was our honeymoon. This last 311 cruise was our first anniversary. Oh, and of course “Love Song” was our first dance. ~Trish Janelle, Cape Coral, FL

Scott McCarroll & Katie Curtin Tattoos

311 has saved me from the misery of a drug addiction, influenced my musical tastes and brought me together with so many people, including my boyfriend! ~Mandee Flo,Westminster, Colorado

Jason Beaudoin, Siera Hehner, Kacy Hattabaugh, Michele Cofer Tattoos

After finding my wife Becky Graziano Ivanjack, in the facebook 311 Familia group, for our first date we met in Atlantic City to see 311 there and Uncansville, CT the next night. I flew from California, her from South Carolina. ~Ron Ivanjack, Dallas, TX

Lauren Menier, Britney Jones, Christina Long & Jazmin Stewart Tattoos

I’ve got two different 311 tattoos and “Two Drops in the Ocean” is my song to my wife. Fell asleep on the beach at night to that song and dreamed about marrying her. It’s been our song ever since. ~Tyler Bryan, Lebanon, Tennessee

Celena Rothrock & Jeremy Neslon Tattoos

I knew that 311 was something special when sadly my now husband and I lost everything in a house fire in 2002 and my dad emailed Joan telling her that we’d lost almost all of our 311 memorabilia. Two weeks later we got a package from the hive with an autographed picture, three CD’s, guitar picks and a hand written letter saying that they were sorry for what had happened. I had loved their music since 1995, but this small act of kindness cemented my love for 311.~ Erika Wood, South Lake Tahoe, California

Erika Wood Tattoos

“8:16” is my favorite song, the idea actually started as a joke when my friend said I should get a tattoo of a watch on my wrist with the time as 8:16. Then the more I thought about it I realized I could make a tattoo of 816 to look like the 311 logo. I’ve been a fan since 95. I write a blog called, started because I was laid off from my job right before I went on the first 311 cruise back in 2011. Eventually I decided to focus on 311 fans and I do a 11 fan spotlight pretty much every week now. Chrissy Martin, Worchester, MA

Chrissy Martin Tattoo

In 1997, I was interviewing for a job as a live in nanny. The mom and I were talking about possible start dates and I pulled out my calendar/planner (remember those bulky things?). One of the kids saw a 311 sticker inside and shouted, “You like 311? I love 311!” We bonded right then and there. Needless to say, I got the job and lived with them for nearly eight years. My job as a nanny shaped my life in many ways, as I am now a teacher. It was that 311 sticker that sent me down the that path! I know that’s why I got that job, it sealed the deal and changed my life. ~Jen Symank, Denver, CO

Todd Granger & Joshua Patch Tattoos

I do shoes for our familia. Only for fans and I don’t make a profit off them. I do them for others and for the love of the music. Since I was a teen I have loved 311. A few years back, I connected online in a bunch of 311 groups and I haven’t been happier to be blessed with a greater group of people. Some shoes I have donated for charity, some are for friends, some I’m doing now for random fan giveaways just because. I love the unity and love that 311 brings me! I love being at the shows and connecting with people I already know and new friends! It’s truly an enlightening experience for me! Here are my shoes! ~Michelle Welsh, Lockport, IL

Michelle Welsh Art

Back in September of last year, my house caught fire. I’m a single mom. My son and I lost almost everything including our 2 dogs. My 311 family helped raised money to rebuild our lives! They donated, sent care packages, auctioned off 311 posters to raise money, offered to bring me furniture. It was so very touching and it changed me as a person.~Ashley Tucker, Tyler, TX

Jennifer Williams Tattoo

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