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Third Eye Blind spent the months of June and July touring the country in support and celebration of their debut record turning 20. Each of the 31 shows included a live performance of the self-titled album, (which contains mega-hits, “Semi-Charmed Life” “Jumper”, “How’s It Going to Be” “Motor Cycle Drive By” and more) in full.

Now the San Francisco rockers are about to embark on another new adventure to round-out their milestone year. Upon completing a tour of Europe, 3EB will return to North America and hit more intimate venues for a “Evening With” tour. The sets will feature songs from the bands entire catalog, including their latest releases, Dopamine and We Are Drugs.

Stephan Jenkins:

“It’s remarkable to me that we have never done an ‘evening with’ tour. I am so curious to find out what that is going to be like. This tour came together in part because we have been playing so well together this summer. We didn’t want to let that vibe go. It’s a chance for us to get more intimate than the big arena’s we played all summer and into the cities we didn’t get to hit.” (via 3EB press release)

“It’s an incredible feeling to be in a good rock band. The gift that’s been given to me is that people view my music as enlivening them.” (via San Francisco Chronicle)

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