With singer/guitarist: Reggie Froom

Intro to Music:

By the time I started walking, I was interested in sound. My family had an old upright piano in our garage in Seattle, where I was born. This was my first instrument. The entire time we lived there, I couldn’t pass by that piano without touching the keys and hearing the beautiful sound they made.

Intro to Surfing:

I started surfing when I was seven-years-old, when my family first moved to Florida. A few close family friends that lived in Jupiter were into it. That was the first time I’d seen the sport in person. I was then invited to do a surf camp with them the first summer we were there. I remember the moment I stood up for the first time, I was hooked! I’ve been addicted ever since.

The Artistic Parallels:

Surfing is so expressive. The rhythm and flow involved are just as important as it is in music. As a fellow surfing/music enthusiast put it to me once, the flow of a wave can be thought of and closely related to that of a guitar solo or musical performance. Different moments of energy and emotion being exerted at different times throughout a ride really does follow a similar pattern to a musical performance!

The Influence Surfing Has on My Music:

Surfing influences my music in many ways. It gives me peace of mind, and puts me in a state that’s conducive to creativity and expression. As soon as I hit the water, no matter the conditions, my head is clear and I’m perpetually stoked! When I’m out of the water, memories of riding waves are always flowing through me and giving me inspirational drive to create and express!

Hosting Beach Cleanups, Hangouts, and Surf Sessions with Fans:

The small community we all grew up in is heavily focused giving back, and maintaining the environment that is the foundation to our lifestyle. We have all seen the amazing benefits of working together to maintain and protect our culture and environment surrounding it, so we feel that it is right to further this mission through our musical vessel.

Our New Record, Surface:

As well as providing a clear, creative head-space, it has also given me a vivid inverse perspective on the many things that we are all struggling with in this day and age. I feel that Surface definitely has taken a bit of a more serious, socially conscious tone, and we’re all very excited about this!

The Mauli Ola Foundation:

We will be donating 100% of the first month’s album sales to the Mauli Ola Foundation. We wanted to make a serious statement about our efforts and support of charity as it relates to the ocean and surfing culture. We’ve seen the awesome result of MOF’s work, and feel inclined to support them and their mission.

Partnering with Stoke Surfboards:

Owner and shaper Mike Karol is a staple in our scene back home, and is also an avid, passionate musician. We became friends over the years as he took me under his wing and taught me how to shape boards. As we both got to the point where our crafts were taking us on the road, it just felt natural to combine our efforts, and support each others’ cause.

My Process Shaping Surfboards:

Its been a while since I’ve had the time, but when I do, I head down to the Stoke factory and hand-shape. I find myself getting inspired to design a board when I figure out or have a vision of progression in my surfing. I’ll look at my current board, and think about how it works/feels, and how it could change to fit my new idea or feeling. Then I’ll just go for it! Starting with a few templates I have made from boards I’ve really liked over the years, I’ll cut out the outline that I want to see, and try my best to sculpt my feeling.

Shaping Boards vs. Writing Music:

Board building is definitely different in that it is me chasing the feeling of what physically feels good to me, and requires a completely different set of skills and challenges to reach my goal. But, in a lot of ways, shaping is very similar to my musical creation process. I will have an idea, thought, or melody in my head, and then pick up the musical tools at my disposal and do my best to manifest them in the physical realm. It’s similar to the driving force and process involved in creating a surfboard.

What’s On Tap:

Some future ideas we have definitely include a surf-related video. Of course lyrical content will continue to relate to surf. We will continue to offer Stoke’s Ellameno Beat surf boards as a part of our merch line. Finally, surfing destinations will continue to play into our tour planning. Surfing on the road between shows is always the goal!

~Reggie Froom

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