As the two bands kick off their fall tour together

SOil and Saving Abel start their Redneck Rebellion tour tonight at the Machine Shop in Flint, MI. The two bands will bring the rock to 18 different cities over the next month. We caught up with Tim King of SOil and Scott Bartlett of Saving Abel and asked they share their thoughts on each other’s bands.

Tim King/SOiL:

When and where was your intro to Saving Abel’s music?

A manager friend of mine by the name of Scott Frazier Turned me onto them when they first came out. Then I saw them live with Shinedown and thought they were awesome. Been into them ever since.

What do you remember feeling, how did you react?

Their live show was powerful. They really brought it. I knew they’d go far.

What drew you to their music?

Again the live show, but musically they write great riffs and strong hooky lyrics.

When did you first meet Saving Abel?

I’ve known them in passing for years and years. It wasn’t until recently that we played a festival together and really got to hang out. We realized that we were basically the same people with just a different band name. Instantly became bros. So we decided it was time to join forces and tour.

What are you most looking forward to on this tour?

Hanging with the guys mostly. Gonna be a like rock and roll summer camp I’m feeling.

Favorite Saving Abel songs?

“Addicted” (duh! Obvious choice there), “New tattoo” (great album opener), “The sex is good” (killer track)

Do you foresee Saving Abel joining SOil on stage at all?

We’ve talked about it. I’m sure it will happen at random.

Scott Bartlett — Saving Abel:

When and where was your intro to SOil’s music?

I can’t recall when/where I first heard Soil’s music, but I knew we had mutual friends.

What do you remember feeling, how did you react?

I remember feeling I wanted to either freak out or kill someone…it struck my primal nerve.

What drew you to their music?

Satellite radio, octane more than likely as I have always been a fan of heavy music.

When did you first meet SOil?

At a radio festival in Ft. Wayne, Indiana about a year ago.

What are you most looking forward to on this tour?

There is certain comradery that comes with touring most would not understand. I look forward to late night jams, and tour pranks.

Favorite SOil songs?

This is why I look forward to touring with them, to me Soil is an emotion. It’s raw, it’s edgy, it’s angry and it’s not about the title of the song.

Do you foresee SOil joining Saving Abel on stage at all?

Yes, and I see it getting messy.

Full list of Redneck Rebellion tour dates featuring SOil and Saving Abel:

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