Shooting Stars in All Directions with Rival Sons

Long Beach rockers, Rival Sons, are about halfway through their trek across North America, in support of their sixth studio record, Feral Roots (released on January 25th). Artist Waves’ photographer/writer, Brian Kelly, was on hand for the Boston stop at the Royale, and well… the pictures do all the talkin’.

“On the mountain where I was born
There are trees that would call my name
On the wind, they would bring a song”

“I’m back in the woods again 
And I know that mountain like the back of my hand”

“Roll that stone up the hill each day
In the morning when I wake up
See what the hands have made”

“We move through the world like
Shooting stars across the sky
Splitting through the darkness
Putting a light into their eyes”

“So I’m gonna follow my joy
I’ll follow my joy as long as I’m here”

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*All photos by Brian Kelly