Carrying The Burden

If you watched the 54th annual CMA awards on April 7th, you saw Keith Urban take to the stage and deliver an emotionally charged and impassioned performance of his new single, “Burden,” originally written and recorded by Irish singer/songwriter Foy Vance.  Of the numerous riveting CMA performanes, it was impossible to not notice how sincere Urban was as he soared with every note before a mesmerized crowd.

It turns out, the song selection has a deep-rooted meaning and quite fascinating backstory.

Keith Urban:

We played at the 02 in London and Ed (Sheeran) came out to see us play. We talked about Foy Vance, who’s an incredible musician and songwriter. The next day, I had a day off in London, so I got on my bike and put my headphones on and road around London for like two hours listening to Foy Vance non-stop.

And when I got back to Nashville, I realized that I had never seen him play live – he must be fantastic live – so I jumped on YouTube and heard this song “Burden” and just fell in love with him, his artistry and his songwriting.  I thought, ‘I’d love to be able to do a version of the song – the way that I was feeling it in my heart.’

The brevity of the song spoke to me as someone that has needed to hear that in my life and needed to hear that offered to me. I love songs that speak to the human condition of struggle and the idea that it’s okay, I can help you…let me carry your burden.

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Photos via Keith Urban