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One week from today Radkey hits the road with Foo Fighters. Isaiah Radkey takes us inside the thrill.  

On July 28th, three brothers Dee, Solomon, and Isaiah Radke, better known as the band Radkey from St. Joseph, MO, will open a run of stadium shows with Foo Fighters. As if that’s not thrilling enough, this is actually the second time they’ve crossed paths with the 2021 Rock Hall inductees. Radkey was selected as one of two “newer” bands to be in Dave Grohl’s documentary “What Drives Us”, about the life lessons that you take with you forever when embarking on van tours early in your music career.

Jennifer Finch from L7 took a big liking to Radkey when they opened shows for them. Jennifer then introduced the band to Grohl’s team who was looking for a ground-level band that was doing exactly what Radkey was – grinding city-to-city, playing their great original songs across North American venues. Radkey immediately re-routed their tour itinerary to be able to accommodate filming their part in “What Drives Us” in the Los Angeles area.

When Foo Fighters announced their 2021 25th turned 26th anniversary tour, it was to the delight of many to see Radkey on the bill for shows in OH, WI, MO, KS, OK and NM.

I had the pleasure of having Isaiah on Artist Waves Live on June 21st, where he discussed the excitement of now taking the Radkey van on the road in support of Foo Fighters.

Isaiah Radkey on Foo Fighters:

For someone of Dave Grohl’s level to look at what you’ve done in your life and say, “You guys rock, this is something I want to put out there,” that was really such a great feeling. We’ve always wanted to be a band that plays for all kinds of people – to be like the Foo Fighters. Making it into that What Drives Us and making it on to this tour is a mission accomplished. We just want to be a rock band out there and show people there is a lot more to do in the rock genre.

We grew up watching Foo Fighters’ documentary Back and Forth. A lot of stuff we learned about being in a band is from that movie. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve seen that. Foo Fighters are such a great blueprint for writing really catchy songs that rock really hard.

Just seeing that our story is so similar to many of the bands that we look up to, it makes us feel like we are on the right track. It’s great to know we’ve managed to keep rocking the music from our hearts and not compromising.

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Catch Radkey on tour now and opening for Foo Fighters July 28th – August 9th. For tickets and more info visit

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