What we’ve learned, where we are going and one big giant THANK YOU

Wow. One year of Artist Waves officially in the books!

November 1, 2016: We launched with a heartfelt article by Nancy Wilson of …. Heart. 2016 marked 40 years of her iconic band, and there was no better way to introduce our mission then to have a launch piece that consisted of all the Artist Waves core values: inspire, emotion, moments, a voice of the artist platform — behind the art, from the artist.

We followed later that day with a unique feature written by Richard Christy of The Howard Stern Show. Christy, aside from his prank calls and comedic relief, is an incredible drummer who has played in numerous heavy metal bands. This too, was a great example of how we focus on artistic process, and the passion of the artist. What makes them tick? How did this song come to be? Why? How do the arts make you a better person? How does music influence your entire life?

Throughout the year we were incredibly fortunate to meet and engage with so many loyal readers. Your comments on how a certain article moved you is what it’s all about. Call me an industry fool, but I could not care less about “clicks”. I care about having an impact and making somebody feel something. A wave. Like a song. We strive to make art about art — to illuminate the artist. No exploitation, only inspiration. That’s what keeps AW going.

As for the artists — there are so many, but just to name a few …. Kevin Martin/Candlebox, Gail Younts, Scott Soeder, Joseph Arthur, 311, Jonathan Ulman, Tracy Bonham, Pete Marsh, Will Dailey, Alter Bridge, Fantastic Negrito, Carlos Vargas, Art of Board, WAAF, Thrive Global — your support, partnership and understanding of our platform is immensely appreciated.

Michael Young with Given2FlyImages has provided some of the most well-rounded and colorful pieces of all. Thank you Michael for getting it, jumping right in and making a huge splash. Keep on Rockin’ in the Free World.

Last but not least, Chris Cornell. I tie every ounce of gratitude I have to a balloon, let it go and hope it reaches you. Cornell’s words of encouragement are major reason why AW even exists in the first place. A voice of a generation, an artist for all time. You are immortal, and we will forever honor your undeniable legacy… the right way.

So, what’s next for us? Well, for a teaser — how about: features on/with Landmarks Live, Ray LaMontagne, P!NK, Propeller, the Parallax Orchestra, Cody Simpson and SO.MUCH.MORE.

We have one mission: to be a voice of the artist that inspires through the art.

What do you say we keep this thing rollin’, yeah? Buckle up!! And most importantly, THANK YOU!

“I am myself, like you somehow. I’ll ride the wave where it takes me.”

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