“Sometimes, something happens that reminds us of who we were when we were a child”

Inara George’s new solo album Dearest Everybody, will be out January 19, 2018 via Release Me Records. Yesterday, George released the music video for the latest single “Young Adult”. Directed by Jeremy Cohen, the video accompanies “Young Adult’s” soaring, whimsical melodies, capturing the childlike wonder that occasionally pierces everyday routine to inspire bursts of nostalgic optimism and reflections of life’s more astonishing, unimaginable aspects, George states in the official press release, explaining how the new music was inspired by loss and the transformative potential of grief.

Inara George:

“I wanted the video to try and capture that feeling when life straddles the mundane and the otherworldly. So much of what we think and do in one day is the same thing that we thought and did in the thousands of days prior. But, sometimes, something happens that reminds us of who we were when we were a child, that there are volcanos exploding all over the planet, that we are standing on an enormous orb that is just spinning in space, or that we live in a very complex and scary world where so many people are suffering in ways that are unimaginable.”

Photo by: Alexa Nikol Curran

Watch the video for “Young Adult” here:

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