an inside look at the process of creating the hottest concert merch item, with renowned artist: Munk One

It is well known that in today’s world, touring and “live” drive the music train. With that has come the opportunity for a more creative and diverse merch line to be sold at shows. The most popular? The item that sells out the quickest? The thing you need to wait in line for before doors open? The customized poster that not only details the artists’ tour stop — with the show date, tour name, and city, but it’s also a high quality print featuring a one-of-kind design by a professional artist.

Meet Munk One. One of the most renowned artists in the industry. Here, Munk Ones shares how he got into such a unique niche, his innovative artistic process, and how he collaborates with some of the biggest bands in Rock n’ Roll today.

Can you provide your background? What was your intro to art?

I have been working as a professional artist for almost 20 years. I started out in the merchandise industry creating art for tees mostly, along with album art and other items. I was the illustrator for Juxtapoz art magazine for a time and I am also a fine artist, creating paintings shown in galleries. Lately I have enjoyed creating poster work for bands and so that has been my main focus as of late.

How did you get into creating concert posters for artists?

I expressed my interest in working on prints to a few people I had met over the years and took every opportunity to try and work prints into any commissions I would take on.

Do you remember the first concert poster you made for a major artist?

The Pearl Jam Berlin Germany print from 2009 was my first signed and numbered band poster. I was beyond excited.

Can you take us inside your artist process in creating such posters?

I usually start out with a rough idea/sketch for approval. Once an idea is approved I pencil and ink the art. I scan it in and color it in on my computer. Once that is approved I separate the file and hand it over to the printer.

In regards to how long it takes, it really depends on the art. Each print is different.

Where do you create your art? A personal studio?

I work from home or a small space near my daughters school. Sometimes I work on the road. I like to travel.

Is your final art (prior to delivery) always done on canvas stock/screen print/ they are sold on?

I like having an ink drawing, so, I will ink by hand most of the time.

How do you team up with artists to collaborate on such art? Is the process the same now as it was when you first started?

I have met many artist over the years and those are the ones I usually do collaborations with unless I am introduced to someone new by a third party.

Where is the best place for people to find your work?

To see my art please visit: You can find my prints along with other artist as well at:

Free domestic shipping until December 15th, 2017 if you enter the code on the site.
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