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– Interview: Iration frontman Micah Pueschel talks the “Zen Island” feelin’ of Coastin’

On Tuesday August 11th, Iration lead singer/guitarist, Micah Pueschel was my guest on Artist Waves’ live Instagram Interview series. The Santa Barbara (by the way of Hawaii) reggae quintet just released their seventh record Coastin’ on July 10thThe band was aiming for a specific vibe on the new record where you feel as if you’re riding down the Pacific Coast Highway in a convertible on a sunny day, the music is blasting and there’s not a worry in the world. Little did they know  throughout the two years of writing that this collection of 13 diverse tunes would be release amidst a worldwide pandemic. Pueschel’s perspective on having new music out that surfs the wave of positive vibes only at this time was one to greatly admire. 

“Coastin’ is about empathy. Not just being empathetic with the people around you, but also with yourself and your own mental state and loving yourself.” 

What does Coastin’ Mean To You Now In This Moment?

“Nobody said that it would be easy
No one said that life would be fair
Took a long time to find my own way
Weathered the storm and I’m not going anywhere

I wanna see the colors of the morning sky
Ocean breeze has got me feeling so high
I can hear the rain falling down on my roof
Look in the mirror and I know what to do

Move forward
Back on your feet again
Let’s take a walk outside
Move forward.”

WATCH: Full interview with Micah Pueschel from Iration

Coastin’ is out everywhere now.

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