And her incredible Nobody Has the Power to Ruin Your Day Foundation

Lizzie Sider, here. Writing to you from my 501c3 not for profit Foundation, “Nobody has The Power To Ruin Your Day, Inc.”

As a singer-songwriter, I am proud to have charted in the Top 40, twice, on Nashville’s prestigious Music Row Country Chart.

Having just recently turned 19, I am also proud to be known as our country’s leading teenaged Bully Prevention Activist.

I invite you to explore the below, listen to my music and to write about it and spread the word.

I have personally been to over 400 elementary and middle schools to perform my original Bully Prevention Assembly for more than 200,000 kids, all over the U.S.

And, my latest project, which is my “Free Bully Prevention Video Package” that is a studio adaptation of my live assembly, and is provided for by my Foundation, is now being used in over 3,600 schools throughout every U.S. state and beyond, representing over 2,400,000 students.

I recently appeared on Fox and Friends National TV.

And, here is a clip from my original song in a recent Hallmark Channel Movie premier starring Jenny Garth and Corbin Bernsen, where my most recently recorded single, “Summer Love Song” that I wrote and recorded, is in the opening scene.

Here is a link to my other current music:

Thank you!

~Lizzy Sider

To learn more about Lizzy Sider’s, Nobody Has the Power to Ruin Your Day Foundation, Lizzie’s Bully Prevention package or the Assembly tour visit her Click Here

During the assemblies, Lizzy talks about her own stories of being teased and ridiculed in elementary school, what it felt like, and how she tried to deal with it. She talks about the importance of standing up to stop bullying. Lizzie also sings songs including her smash single, “Butterfly”.

The video package includes a professionally produced 36-minute Bully Prevention Video. In the video, Lizzie tells her story and shares clips from live assemblies, while closely replicating the live assembly in a studio setting with an interactive audience of about 23 students, ages 8–16. The video has chapter markers, so that the teachers can pause or revisit certain topics.

package also includes my Booklet of Discussion Questions to assist teachers, counselors and principals to open up bully prevention conversations with their students, as well as Certificates of Completion that I designed to be personalized for each student.

Through the Not For Profit Foundation, they are currently offering to elementary and middle schools, summer camps and other youth organizations throughout the country, this incredible copyrighted package, for free.

“I was teased and ridiculed in early elementary school, excluded socially, and was frequently and habitually made fun of. I felt a lot of hurt and pain, and now I want to help other kids who are being bullied.” ~ Lizzy Sider

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