GMF host Kay Adams, Stops By AW Live To Discuss How The Power of Music Brightens Up Her Busy Days

You know Kay Adams as the spirited and engaging host of Good Morning Football on the NFL Network. Or perhaps you checked out her recent hosting duties with People? Lately, there are plenty of days where Adams goes from the (virtual) set of GMF directly to People and then back to the NFL to catch up on games, news and highlights. How does Adams stay calm and focused with such a demanding schedule? Well, music certainly helps. 

Adams attributes learning the power and contentment of music at a young age. Then after seeing her first concert, Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, she was hooked on how much meaning the power of song can instill in anyone’s life or sport. I recently had the pleasure of having Adams on Artist Waves Live to discuss her favorite music, what she listens to before going on air, and of course, our mutual love of Pearl Jam. 

How does music fit into your daily routine? Is it a necessary component to accompany all you have going on?

Yeah, though I’ll say I have been disappointed in myself over the past few years that I haven’t made live music more of a priority. It’s something that used to energize me. People don’t believe it often, but I’m a very introverted person. I don’t really get energy from being around people, but music is different. A live show will do that for me, whoever I’m seeing. I realized during quarantine… man, I wish I could go to a live show, and then you think, why didn’t I go to a live show the past seven times I had the opportunity? I used to go to a ton – Bonnaroo, Lallapalooza, you name it.

My routine now is that every day I wake up at 4:45am and look over my news stories and what I have to do for work. Podcasts are big for me, I love listening to podcasts. I’ll tap into iheartradio to listen to the local news. Like what are Kansas City stations saying about Kansas City? You don’t necessarily get that on national broadcasts. There’s then a sweet spot half hour from 6:30 am to 7:00 am and I’ll blast whatever music I can get my hands on. My director will then be like, “Oh, is this how you feel today?” I listen to a lot of Chance the Rapper or My Morning Jacket or The Format or Citizen Cope. I definitely run the gamut – it’s very important to know what I need to clear my head before I do a three-hour show. And now we are playing music on the show a little bit more which is fun.

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