From Robert Lang to “Run”

The surprise we all woke up to on June 1st. The kind that was desperately needed. Foo Fighters sticking to their roots, deliver yet again, another breath of (saggy) fresh air.

Left under the tree, was a glowing new rock explosion laced with a comedic twist, for all to unwrap and enjoy. “Run” the first official piece of new music from Foo Fighters in roughly two years, was delivered to the world in an incredibly creative fashion — a hilarious, but forceful new video, directed by Dave Grohl.

Three things mesmerized me about this; the excitement of having a killer new tune, the melodic “before the time runs out” pre-chorus, and the creative manner in which this all was launched. After 22 years, the latter should not surprise, yet Foo Fighters never cease to amaze me on how they continuously push, challenge and reinvent themselves.

It’s the little things. The things that make you realize they have a masterful way of navigating this music space that keeps it both fresh for them and the fans.

Here, as we crack open the Foo Fighters timeline, we see firsthand how each record is different from one another in how it was created and how it sounds. Furthermore, we recognize the value their charismatic and sincere engagement.

I’ll Stick Around:

Foo Fighters (1995) — Dave Grohl writes and records the entire album himself using studio time he had booked at Robert Lang Studios in Seattle.

Wind Up:

The Colour and the Shape (1997) — The sophomore release exemplifies this is now a well-established force. The team is rounded out and a stripped-down, impromptu version of “Everlong” is performed by Grohl on the Howard Stern Show. The rest is history.

Ain’t It the Life:

There is Nothing Left to Lose (1999) — Grohl, bassist, Nate Mendel and drummer, Taylor Hawkins record the songs at Grohl’s house in Virginia. A laid back and casual, backyard barbecue setting that resulted in an incredibly moving record.

Come Back:

One by One (2002) — A million dollar plan (literally) is scrapped. At a crossroad, the band ultimately comes back to the center instead of taking different paths. “All My Life” and “Times Like These” have been and will forever be monstrous, crowd favorites.

End Over End:

In Your Honor (2005) — A double album, side A — electric fire, side B — graceful acoustic.

But, Honestly:

Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace (2007) — A melting pot of all emotions, genres and styles. A progressive next step deriving from meeting and exceeding the challenges of In Your Honor. The record closes with Grohl on piano, with the heartfelt “all I want is to be home” lyric gliding over the top.

A Matter of Time:

Wasting Light (2011) — Recorded completely at Grohl’s house… all to tape. (Cough, cough… five Grammys. Cough, cough… ‘best rock album’)


Sonic Highways (2014) — Eight cities, eight customized songs dedicated to and essentially written by the music history within those cities. Accompanied by a thrilling HBO documentary series capturing the amazing process and people.

Iron Rooster:

Saint Cecilia EP (2015) — “While we are in Austin, TX for ACL, lets rent out the historic Saint Cecilia hotel, ask the staff if they wouldn’t mind if we blow the roof off recording a few new songs inside the place, and then give it away to all for free as a thank you.”


June 1, 2017 — In a year full of surprises, the second one may have been the most pleasantly shocking. Out of nowhere comes a 100 mph fastball steaming with Rock n’ Roll and delivered via a Grohl-directed, comedic and stellar video. While video’s are nothing to write home about these days, Foo Fighters, who are notorious for humor, not only made one that destroys any other video from the past ten years, they also throw in a quasi “Thriller” nod to close it out.

Laced in between all of the above we have just a few little things like:

  • Sound City documentary film, written and directed by Grohl
  • Back and Forth — a documentary on the history and fortitude of the Foo Fighters up to Wasting Light
  • Gigs in pizza parlors, people’s garages, The Cheese and Grain and Wembley Stadium
  • Grohl breaking his leg then continuing the world stadium tour from a damn throne…. that would later be lent to Axl Rose.
  • The “what music is all about” Rockin’ 1000, where 1,000 musicians gathered in Cesena, Italy and performed the most beautiful version of “Learn to Fly” that still triggers tears. Foo Fighters, return to Cesena a few months later in response.

So what does this all mean? What does it matter? Simple — 
It makes you feel something. It strikes a chord…whichever one you want. It universally speaks to the masses. It inspires. It spurs creative interest. It helps 1,000 people get together in a field to belt their lungs out. It helps platforms like Artist Waves exist. It makes you smile, sing, dance, most of all … connect.

Wonder what’s next?

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