Behind the unique launch of ‘Naked Light’ with: Grey Gersten

New York City artist/musician Grey Gersten’s new album Naked Light, will be released on June 9th.

Naked Light burns with the rawness of Neil Young and glows with the otherworldliness of Brian Eno. Accompanied by co-producer Shahzad Ismaily, the catharsis of Gersten’s live vocal/guitar tracks combine with Ismaily’s unique overdubs to create an evocative album that feels simultaneously immediate and transcendent.

For the past 10 years, Gersten has been active in NYC’s experimental rock and art community collaborating with an eclectic mix of revered artists. His recent work Custom Melodies was an interactive multimedia website that features 110 biographical songs created with 110 strangers at his immersive and participatory Mmuseumm exhibition.

To celebrate his new release, Gersten has put together an incredibly unique event — a sunset to sunrise solo performance with special guests for that entire time. The event will be Friday June 9th sunset to Saturday June 10th sunrise at an art gallery located at 537 Broadway in NYC.

Gersten takes us behind the scenes of what to expect at the overnight event:

I came up with this idea simply lying in my bed.

I wrote and recorded Naked Light in the middle of the night. The sessions were freewheeling, unself-conscious, and intimate. With the Sunset to Sunrise album release show, I’m inviting the audience inside the environment of the record…and to fall asleep next to a stranger.

It would be great if people came without expectations. I’m honestly not sure what’s going to happen.

This is a nine hour event, everyone feel free to come and go you please. We’ll have donuts at dawn. If people get hungry before then I recommend Great NY Noodletown, it’s a 15 minute walk away and they’re open til 4am. Suggested Dishes: Roast Duck E-Foo Noodles, Salt Baked Shrimp, Sautéed Pea Shoots.

This will not be nine-hour long concert however, it’s more of a happening. There is no schedule, I’m going to react to the moment. Every person that comes will experience something unique.

Some of these things will happen:

Solo performance of songs from Naked Light
Collaborative performances with Kyp Malone & other musicians that promoters / booking agents will not allow us to name
Joe Pera Talks You To Sleep
Ambient music that integrates live city sounds
Selections from Anthology Film Archives
Dramatic reading of Former FBI Director James Comey Congress Hearing
5am walk to get Newspaper and Donuts

~Grey Gersten

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