With Amoeba owner, Marc Weinstein

Artist Waves is a proud supporter of Record Store Day — coming up this Saturday, April 22nd.

Amoeba Music, is the world’s largest independent record store. They draws all kinds of customers seeking rare, hard-to-find and not-so-hard to find albums, movies and memorabilia. Born in Berkeley, CA, Amoeba Music is inspired by many of the great independent record stores. They stock everything in the three stores and on Amoeba.com — from the most popular artists to the most obscure in all genres. The Amoeba staff is an all-star team of record store veterans who make music their lives in one way or another. Many are musicians themselves and their collective depth of knowledge is virtually unparalleled in the business.

Amoeba has a big an exciting day planned for Record Store Day 2017. Get out and support your local independent record stores!

Marc Weinstein, Amoeba Music Co-founder/Co-owner

What Record Store Day Means to Amoeba Music:

Record Store Day has become a wonderful opportunity to celebrate Record Store culture and all that these store mean/have meant to music lovers everywhere. We all got inspired in these stores… not to mention meeting band mates, romantic partners, and all kinds of other interesting people in your community who understand the power of music.

RSD17 at Amoeba:

As usual, we’ll have all kinds of stuff on sale – for example; 20% off ALL turntables, posters, used DVDs and Blu-Rays, and used books !!! Additionally, we have contests throughout the day, with some great prizes, free gift bags, custom live silk-screening of limited RSD t-shirts, food and drink and great music all day !!!

This year looks to be as good as last year, which was the best Record Store Day to date in terms of traffic and sales… we were only a little surprised and certainly impressed with how many people got into it last year!

Our Community:

Record Store Day provides a day to focus attention on how much record stores have provided for their communities… unlike so many other retail venues, we are not only a place to buy music, we truly do act as a “community center” and meeting place for so many different kinds of collectors and music lovers. We are also all involved in helping support our respective communities, not only the music scene, but in helping to strengthen our home communities by way of supporting schools, community groups and local non-profits of all kinds…Amoeba hosts Saturday auctions, for example, that benefit any number of local causes- with auction items that are quite unique !! We always want EVERYONE to feel right at home in our store !!!

~Marc Weinstein

Click here to download the .pdf list of #RSD17 exclusive releases available at Amoeba on Saturday, April 22. Over 500 limited released will be available.

For more information visit Amoeba.com

Visit Amoeba in Berkeley, San Francisco or Hollywood, CA.

visit RECORDSTOREDAY.com for all participating stores in North America

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