With Horizon Records Owner, Gene Berger

Artist Waves is a proud supporter of Record Store Day — coming up this Saturday, April 22nd.

Horizon Records is an old-school record store filled to the max with eclectic vinyl, CD’s, DVD’s and books. Set into a converted gas station building sharing space with The Bohemian Cafe located amidst the historic North Main Street area of downtown Greenville, South Carolina.

Vertical rows of vinyl record albums line the floor and cover most of the available carpet, forcing visitors to snake through the accumulation like rats in a maze. Old concert posters, music company promotional photos, a rack of hundreds of CDs, and random bits of historic musical elements cover the walls.

Horizon Records recently hit 42 years of existence — in a southern, non-college, non-touring oriented, non-hipster secondary market.

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Horizon Records owner, Gene Berger.

What does Record Store day mean to Horizon Records?

It’s a huge love hug from our music customers and our community, and from us back to all who have sustained us over these 42 years of Horizon Records’ often challenging journey.

What you can say about RSD this year?

Bring it on. I want all the jazz re-issues (esp the Bill Evans- Another Time), the Townes van Zant and the Jason Isbell for sho. Plus big shout-out to the amazing Garland Jeffries releasing his newest crucial-ness Friday 4/21, Garland is THE MAN!

How does this year compare to last year?

Looking good, but one never knows…in both results and product fill, RSD is like the Forest Gump cliché : “It’s like a box of chocolates you never know what yer going to get”

How was last year’s RSD for you?

Absolutely best day in our history, ever — hugest biz level, shopping visits from Pearl Jam ( and an arena concert shout-out by Eddie Vedder same night) plus a last minute stop in and signing by Rosanne Cash. Glorious. Same to be said of RSD 2015 when Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit stopped in to play a gigantic in-store RSD afternoon.

Mike McCready of Pearl Jam at Horizon Records

What do you feel RSD means to your community? Both your local scene and privately owned record store community?

Slowly, at last, a record store like ours is being recognized as a thing of value, not just a retailer but a gathering point and community hub, a pal to the community at large and an ally to the arts folks in general and of course a close friend to our brother and sister artist/band/venues and labels.

~Gene Berger

For more information visit HorizonRecords.net

2-A West Stone Ave.
Greenville SC 29609
Phone: 864 235 7922

Visit RecordStoreDay.com for all participating stores in North American

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