With Cheese and Grain Director & Marketing Manager, Tracey Rawlins

Foo Fighters at Cheese and Grain (February 24, 2017):

Frome’s Cheese and Grain was host to a remarkable surprise Foo Fighters concert last Friday as part of the publicity for their headlining announcement for Glastonbury Festival.

The band, arguably the biggest rock band in the world, played an intimate 2.5 hour set to an appreciative crowd of 650. Most of the audience had been selected from the bands fan mailing list in a 50 mile radius of Frome, but a lucky 100 that had assembled outside the venue were allowed in on the night, much to their surprise and delight!

The Cheese and Grain had been especially selected by the band and Glastonbury organizers as they did not want to play a big city venue.

The Foo Fighters were so friendly and gracious. They chatted to staff throughout the day and even sat in the café and had lunch, mingling with our staff and posing for photographs. They commented on how much they loved the venue and were very impressed that we are a not for profit social enterprise. Frontman, Dave Grohl personally promised to return as he enjoyed playing in Frome so much.

Taylor Hawkins & Olivia Dimery

Tickets were drawn in a big mysterious campaign which involved fans being sent boarding passes from the band, confirmation of where the concert was going to be held was not revealed until the day before the concert. Even the venue was not told until Thursday afternoon! We knew we had potentially something big booked in as SJM had been to the venue a few times in the previous 8 weeks to run through their requirements with us. They wouldn’t reveal who it was though, but we like everyone speculated and we guessed that Glastonbury Festival was involved.

We are so grateful to Emily Eavis, our patron, for putting us forward for this exciting event. It went like clockwork, all our staff worked hard and we thoroughly enjoyed working with SJM and Showsec. It has certainly put us on the map as a venue!

Over 2.4 million watched the live-stream on the internet with over 50,000 people watching since on YouTube. We have seen a huge hike in our followers on Twitter, Facebook and our own mailing list over the weekend.

The waiting crowd which peaked at around 200 who assembled outside throughout the day were lovely, cheerful and polite. The venue is very grateful.

Kind regards,

~Tracey Rawlins (Cheese & Grain- Deputy Director & Marketing Manager)

Tracey Rawlins & Dave Grohl

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