Photo by: Jason Squires

With: Gary Spivack, CO-Executive Producer

Securing the Lineup:

I have two partners in the curation process of securing talent for the yearly Rock On The Range. We put the gloves on everyday, fight about bands, high five about bands, scream about bands and argue some more after that!

It’s a 364 daily siege. We are always talking about it. And we start the process the Monday morning after Rock On The Range. There isn’t a day that goes by when Joe, Danny, myself or our entire immediate team doesn’t think about this beast of a music festival.

Determining Headliners:

It’s really case-by-case and year-to-year on that. But for this year, it was our #1 goal on planet earth to land the killer and awesome Metallica. They were the first official band to confirm. THAT was a good day. Thank you Cliff and everyone at Q Prime.

The Difference in Our 2017 Approach:

We happen to agree, the 2017 lineup is massive. Last year was our special 10 year anniversary. It sold out and it was topped off by an incredible show by the amazing Red Hot Chili Peppers. Metallica was in our sights from that Monday morning after and we didn’t stop until they confirmed for us. Then the dominoes began to fall. Getting the mighty Soundgarden to basically come out of hiding was next up on the list. And then a band like Korn. For those you know, something just utterly special between Korn and The Rangers just HAPPENS when they hit the ROTR stage. They know — and the Rangers know it. Three kick ass headliners and then all the rest below makes for what we feel is our best ROTR to date.

What’s New For the Fans in 2017?

We are always looking to raise bar. From the lineup to overall “Experience” for the Ranger. Hey, they invest three days and nights with us and we need to return that favor. Better food, better sponsor villages, better walking and viewing areas. And our ROTR Comedy Tent is important to us too as that helps to only expand the overall experience for the Ranger.

Photo by: Jason Squires

11 Years Strong:

We are now at three full days with three full stages including a nightly Comedy Tent that is always packed. We want wall to wall rock ’n’ roll, but also don’t want to overdo it either. We don’t ever EVER want to water down the experience. That is important to us.

Photo by: Chris Casella

The Rock On The Range Home – Columbus, Ohio:

Columbus is great. OH-IO is great. As are the markets that surround Columbus which include Cleveland, Cincy, Akron, Toledo, Dayton and Detroit and Flint and Lexington and even Wheeling, West Virginia. Sorry if I left out a city cause there are so many more that we care about cause THEY COME. Only 28% of all ROTR tickets sold are from Columbus proper, meaning some 72% come from outside the city limits. Incredible. ROTR is truly a musical destination festival. ROTR truly is…Where Rock Lives.

~ Gary Spivack (co-executive producer / executive vice president, Danny Wimmer Presents)

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