Photo by: Jen DiSisto

With: Brandon Boyd of Incubus

Photo by: Brandon Deroche

I painted this last week in my kitchen at home. It wasn’t intended to be for anything specific other than to express my support for the Native Peoples of our country and as a little voice of solidarity with the water protectors out at Standing Rock.

The term itself, ‘Water Is Life’, acted as the inspiration. And the ongoing struggle for people’s rights to access to clean, safe water and just as importantly the fight for Indigenous People’s rights.

Boyd & Diana Garcia doing a wheatpaste in Wynwood during Art Basel. Photo by: Constanza

I just feel like it’s my responsibility as an earthling to protect my one and only home from those who would endanger it, so that future versions of us have a better planet to call their home. It defies all logic to threaten and in some cases poison the very life source that sustains us.

~Brandon Boyd

photo by: Constanza

Stand With Standing Rock!

Brandon Boyd has released ‘Water Is Life’ a limited edition, hand signed and numbered print.

All proceeds from this limited edition print go directly to Standing Rock Efforts in a show of solidarity and support.

Access all details via this link:

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Article in collaboration with Jeff Gorra — Artist Waves.

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