Behind the Lens with: Danny Clinch

Welcome to Artist Waves’ Pearl Jam week. Leading up to their Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction on Friday, we will have one unique feature per day as a small token of our appreciation, and in effort to give back to band to that gives so much.

Part 4: Longtime Pearl Jam collaborator and legendary photographer, Danny Clinch shares the stories behind some of his favorite Pearl Jam photos he’s snapped.

Waterloo Village in NJ 1992 — At Lollapalooza. This was the first time I met Eddie. My friend Tim Donnelly was interviewing Ed for a Surfrider Foundation article and suggested I join him and bring my camera. It was a real casual hang and I had my old Rollieflex Twin Lens camera with me and after the interview, I took a few photographs. I never thought i would be still collaborating with Pearl Jam 25 yrs later.

Seattle band portrait 2006 — I have so many band portraits of Pearl Jam that I love, but I chose this one because it shows a band that can at times be quite serious, enjoying each others company and just having a good time. We spent a long afternoon kicking around Seattle that day, and I will always remember what a great hang that was.

Wrigley 2013 — I could feel this moment was about to happen. I am honored that the band trusts me enough to sneak around on stage, and this is my sweet spot, hiding behind amps or drum risers, waiting for the moment. This is the exact reason I post up there.

~Danny Clinch

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Feature produced by: Jeff Gorra in collaboration with Chris Cuffaro & Danny Clinch

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