with Amp Radio LA and Perez Hilton podcast host, Chris Booker

My Background:

I’m a Mountaineer. I grew up in West Virginia. My family is from the Pittsburgh area. I got started as the “friend of a mobile DJ.” I used to help him carry shit into the local dances. I had a pretty cool record collection so he let me hang out with him. His best friend worked at a local radio station. Somehow, we put together an audition tape and miraculously I became the Sunday night 12m to 5 am DJ at WOMP FM Wheeling WV.

From Wheeling, I went to Myrtle Beach SC. From there to Florence SC, then back to Myrtle Beach. Then to Kansas City, then Pittsburgh, New York, Philadelphia, back to New York and finally Los Angeles where I am now with Amp Radio.

Why Radio?:

I love the medium. I love the freedom of a blank page to paint on everyday. It will never get old if you’re constantly looking for the new angle daily.

K-Rock Radio NYC

My Radio Community:

I’m not sure if there is “tight knit” group of us, but we all know each other and generally respect what we all do daily. Radio is a grind. It’s also a small business. I’d like to think that we all certainly support each other. I know that I try to.

Favorite Interviews I’ve Done:

I’m always asked if I have a favorite interview and I’m not sure if I’ve ever had a favorite. I’ve interviewed Bono, Hillary, Tom Cruise, Obama, my doorman.. They all where interesting. I wish I could have interviewed Prince..He is my hero.

Ed Sheeran & Booker, Grammy’s

Favorite Radio “Moments”:

I think my favorite moment was stalking Mark Wahlburger in Philly. He was doing a few movies in a row there. We didn’t call his publicist for an interview, we asked our listeners to mention us anytime that someone met him. He lived there for a year straight at one point. We figured that it would be a good talking point for our listeners when they met him. Well, Mark became a fan of the show. When he finally called in, it was liking talking to a P1. He knew everything about us and told us all of these stories of listeners that mentioned us. He even agreed to come to a toy drive that we hosted. The dude filled up an entire truck of toys and brought it to the event and shook hands with everyone. I’m not sure if I’ve ever felt happier. Mark rules.

Biggest Challenges:

Apathy. It is hard AF to literally play the same songs hour to hour and to be excited by them. I want to murder people when I have to play Desposito.

Booker & Zedd / Perez Hilton Podcast billboard in LA

Advice to Those Looking to Start in Radio:

It’s just like anything else… show up every day. I haven’t used a sick day in a decade. Your birthday is not a holiday nor is your dogs. Show up. Be present. Work hard. Be reliable. Love good music, fake it when you don’t. They’re there mostly for the music. If you can make their shitty day better, do that.

Top 5 Artists:

Prince, U2, Pearl Jam, Eagles and Van Halen.

~ Chris Booker

Catch Booker weekday afternoons on Amp Radio 3–7pm.

and co-hosting on the Perez Hilton podcast

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