On the band’s new music and motivation

Loud and aggressive rock duo (Sofi Savage — vocals/guitar & Hutch Hostile — drums) from Long Beach, CA. The UNIT gets straight to the point with deep grooves, heavy riffs, big drums and a powerful combination of melodic vocals and screams. With their unique brand of rock influenced by the spirit of punk and metal, this DIY band is quickly gaining respect and building a following due to a high energy live show and intense stage presence.

Savage brings us into their world:

On lead track “Take No Prisoners”:

“Take no prisoners” means to kill everyone and leave no survivors (prisoners). I’m turning that into each “kill” being someone that we’ve moved with our music.

On being a rock duo:

Writing music, traveling and making decisions are the biggest benefits to being just two people.

I was/am a White Stripes fan. For me, they introduced the idea of a rock duo and that it could be done. I’m also a Kills fan, another rock duo that breaks the mold.

On the themes and emotions of the new record, I Won’t Die:

Strength and perseverance, and the fact that you are the creator of your own destiny are the main focal points.

Energy and raw emotion are the key components properly capturing our sound.

~Sofi Savage

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