With Jesse Andrew

Thinking back to all of the work you put in and getting to this point, how would you capture in words the excitement and anticipation of your new release, Moth?

It’s definitely a mixed bag, I’m extremely proud of this album, probably the most proud I have ever been of anything I have done. I wrote it with my best friend, Jeff Windisch and he’s longer with us. So to answer your question, I’m extremely anxious and nervous, but yet simultaneously heartbroken that it’s forcing me to say goodbye, ya know?

What was your biggest inspiration in writing this new record?

Honestly if I had to say, Blue October was a huge influence on this album. But also just nonstop touring. Singing every night will quickly humble you and really refine your voice as a singer, what you can do every night. I definitely brought that into the studio, that new found self.

Did the Chicago environment influence the music?

Hahaha maybe the weather did! It’s always constantly wet and cold here, so I would say that it definitely effects your mood and your writing. But as for the Chicago scene I would say no, just because we’re actually about a hour north, we kind of have our own one up here now.

What else can you say about Chicago…. it’s not always synonymous with your genre of music, yet there is such a history of music within the city. Culturally, it is a very unique place.

I would say that it’s alive and well, just no one’s really listening. It’s a tough city and a tough place to make music, but in a way I think that rounds you out as a person, checks a lot of egos and in the end your better for it.

Was there a particular emotion you are trying to exude or evoke in the music?

There area lot of different emotions. Some regret, some anxiety, and some just complete rage. But if I want people to take anything away from this album it is just know that it’s the last workings of an amazing artist, and to truly let his talent sink in.

What are you most looking forward to?

Getting a physical copy of the damn thing! I still don’t have mine, and I can’t wait for that first moment I pop it into my car and drive away listening to it. I’ll probably drive all around my childhood town listening to the whole thing start to finish!

I also just want to seriously say thank you.

~Jesse Andrew

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