There’s an ocean of hope underneath the grey sky where you’re dreaming

Photo by Drew Gurian

Brian Fallon’s second solo record, Sleepwalkers, was released this past Friday. Different from 2016’s Painkillers, Fallon found his sophomore solo effort to be written from more of a “dream state” — where you are aware of your total being, but at times keeping your cards close to your chest.

Throughout Sleepwalkers, Fallon takes you with him on his journey — soaring through clouds, digging feet in the sand, and gracing both early mornings and midnight hours. He’s overflowing with spirit as he boldly treks through treacherous conditions and smiles at sunrises — all the while staying true to his biggest constant, which is Fallon doing what Fallon does, pouring his heart and soul into every word laid to track.

Here, I’ve paired each song with a moving photo that captures the melodies and lyrical sentiment, while at the same time preserving the raw form of the song. As opposed to just randomly assigning, the point was to think about the rich delivery of the mirage, how it makes you feel, and how Fallon delivers it. Then, translate that emotion to a breathtaking shot that shares the exact vibe.

“If Your Prayers Don’t Get to Heaven”
I’m making a change, I’m gon’ start today
I’ma roll these dice with a song tonight, I’m gonna whip these blues away.

“Forget Me Not”
I wish I took the time to miss you.

“Come Wander with Me”
I came to this world in a seaside town where the water could cool your broken body out.

“Etta James” 
Finally. Finally, my love is in my arms.

“Her Majesty’s Service”
And I would crawl across the glass
To bow at your feet in the service of the queen.

“Proof of Life”
So I’m gonna sing right now
While my heart still pounds
Because tonight is almost over.

“Little Nightmares”
Don’t you know there’s an ocean of hope underneath the grey sky where you’re dreaming?

And on a good night, can you keep a secret in the long night?
Where heaven meets the ocean, I will find you in a dream.

“My Name Is the Night (Color Me Black)”
Let the night wind you down.

Maybe these songs kept us breathing another tomorrow.

I went walking to clear my head of the buzzing
I went stumbling past your car.

“See You on the Other Side”
And when we both grow old
And there’s nothing left to say
I want you to know
That I loved you all my days.

*all photos by Kelly Crowley Gorra except where noted

Brian Fallon’s Sleepwalkers is out now. 
Catch Fallon on tour starting February 19th.

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