A salute to Brandi Carlile – our 2018 most inspiring artist:

Waiter send this to Brandi Carlile for her inspiration
Our way of honoring her artistic grace
And now six times a Grammy nominee
A small nod for all you’ve done
Let’s go back to the starting place

February 16th By The Way, I Forgive You
10 tracks full of purpose
The devil don’t take a break
But “Hold Out Your Hand” because
“Most of All” there’s “The Joke”

Let them laugh while they can, let them spin
Let Benicio Bryant sing
Two welled-up eyes
Man, what a song

There was Tim, Phil and Joni Mitchell
Howard Stern and Seth Meyers
Plus Danny Clinch, Elton John and Pearl Jam as the Home Shows aspire
Because your “Again Today” and emotion and duet with Sam Smith
Were all… just wow

Oh your constant giving with your Looking Out Foundation
Is impacting more than you can know
And Girls Just Wanna Weekend, If Project too
Singing for Gig Harbor shows
Because when you’re home, you’re already home

We are grateful
We are grateful
For don’t ever let them steel your joy
For your push to vote and show your voice
And “For Every Time I Hear That Song”

Let them laugh while they can, let them spin
And when pushing comes to shove
Remember what comes back when you give
And “Whatever You Do”… love

Can’t forget Newport Folk Festival
Or Sea.Hear.Now or ACL
Scott Avett’s art and Jimmy Kimmel
Then Elijah
And “The Mother” of
Now the holidays
And the joys of home

Thank you, Brandi, Thank you, Brandi, Thank you, Brandi, Thank you, Brandi
For your shows, for your music, for your spiirt, for your tours
For your passion
This is yours.

Photo by: Danny Clinch

*This feature is in the melody of Carlile’s “Party of One”. Check out the new official video below: