A Look at Seattle’s Famous Record Shop

Easy Street Records

If asked to make a list of favorite places I’d go out of my way to visit again and again, it would be a super short list. Easy Street Records is one of those rare places that makes the list. It’s always on my “Things to Do” whenever in the Seattle area.

The mix of music, atmosphere, history, and good vibes always leaves me wanting more. I could spend hours just looking through the amazing collection of posters, original show fliers, and art plastering the walls. Outside of Seattle’s MoPOP Museum, there’s not a better place to get the feel of Seattle’s music culture, past and present.

The shop originally opened in 1988, located in West Seattle. Rolling Stone Magazine named Easy Street one of the best record stores in the U.S and it even got the nod from Time Magazine when they included Easy Street as one of the “10 Great American Record Shops”.

Top Ten in the country? Considering Easy Street’s impact and influence on Seattle’s music scene, that then went global — I’d push Easy Street up to the top of that list. On a personal list, this is “hands down” my favorite record store on the planet.

Mother Love Bone mural originally painted by Mother Love Bone & Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament

Vist the cafe and have a drink…and enjoy!

Pearl Jam — Live At Easy Street — April 29, 2005 was a special day in the long history of Easy Street Records. The store hosted the 10th CIMS (the Coalition of Independent Music Stores)national independent record retailers convention. Pearl Jam vocalist Eddie Vedder and guitarist Mike McCready wanted to send a special “Thank You”.

Two hundred or so retailers were brought to the store for a “work party.” Pearl Jam then appeared and proceeded to play a special set for the small crowd. The band later released a special EP of the highlights from the show. “Pearl Jam —Live At Easy Street”, two pressings have completely sold out, and it’s now the store’s biggest selling record to date.

Pearl Jam — Live at Easy Street

Notable EPs recorded at Easy Street – Brandi Carlile’s Live at Easy Street Records was released in 2007 and Gov’t Mule’s Mule on Easy Street in 2006. In addition, Elvis Costello, The Shins, My Morning Jacket and Brad have recorded in-store performances for radio broadcasts.

If you’re a music fan and find yourself in West Seattle, stop by Easy Street Records and Cafe. Have a Soundgarden Burger and enjoy the great atmosphere… and buy some VINYL!


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