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Our Mission:
To inspire through the arts.

What We Are:
A voice of the artist platform — featuring artist direct and inspiring content. Real life and real inspiring stories that showcase making waves, connecting and moving through the arts. We are for the art enthusiast and creative minds who are passionate about life, love of art, carving your own path and having an impact.
Behind the art, from the artist

What We Are Not:
News, reviews, gossip, rankings, rumors or headlines. No exploitation, just inspiration.

Who We Are:
~Founder/Writer/Editor, Jeff Gorra

After years of writing for multiple music publications, working for Live Nation, radio stations and performing in bands, Jeff created and launched Artist Waves on November 1, 2016 — in an effort to capture the moments and emotions of the one universal language. Amidst a time of craziness, Jeff is a true proponent for the arts leading the way.
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~Photographer/Contributor, Michael Young

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Much of what we feature discusses how you can make an impact. Visit our Activism section to learn about the many great things our featured artists are doing in their community, and how you can get involved

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