The majestic setting of the amphitheater, along with the panoramic view of Denver, makes for a breathtaking scene.

A Day Trip to Red Rocks Amphitheater and Music Hall of Fame

If you ever find yourself in the Denver area, looking for a place to hangout or explore for the day. I recommend a day visit to the Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, Colorado, just a short drive from downtown Denver.

Visitors come to hangout, workout, relax — -all sharing the amazing atmosphere Red Rocks creates

Red Rocks Park is artistically inspiring and one of the most unique venues in the world. The only naturally formed, acoustically perfect amphitheater in the world.

Amazing Views

More than just a concert venue, the park sits on almost a 1000 acres.

Surrounding the amphitheater you’ll find nature and hiking trails for all skill levels, souvenir shop, restaurant/snack bar, dinosaurs fossil park, and the very cool Amphitheater Museum. Oh yeah…and scenic views that can’t be beat.

Even if you’ve visited Red Rocks in the past for concerts or events, exploring it during the day is a completely different experience and best of all its FREE!

One of my favorite things to do after exploring the park is a visit to the Amphitheatre Museum & Hall of Fame. The museum is ran by the Colorado Music Hall of Fame Organization, located at the top entrance of the park and is free of charge. (Donations are accepted and appreciated)

The museum is of course dedicated to the artists that have played the historical venue over the past 75+ years. Name a famous musician or band and there’s a good chance they’ve played at Red Rocks at least once.

Like to know exactly when your favorite artists or band last played Red Rocks? Well that’s easy… Plaques line the entrance, each dedicated to a specific year

Poster and flyer display from shows over the years

From Ella Fitzgerald to The Beatles to Willie Nelson to Pearl Jam — All the greats have played here at one time or another.

Carlos Sanatana Display

When your day’s done exploring the park, make a quick stop in the town of Morrison, which sits just outside the park grounds. There you’ll find a Natural History Museum dedicated to the park and surrounding area. Restaurants & Cafe’s, and small locally owned Shops of all kinds line the main street. A great place to grab a bite to eat, a cold drink, and kick-back. The perfect end to a “Rock & Roll” themed day trip.


Date Opened: June 15, 1941 
Amphitheater Seating Capacity: 9,525
Elevation: 6,450 ft
Red Rocks Mountain Park size: 640 acres
National Historic Landmark: 2015

Red Rocks is a geologically formed, open-air amphitheater that is not duplicated anywhere in the world. With Mother Nature as the architect, the design of the Amphitheatre consists of two, three hundred-foot monoliths (Ship Rock and Creation Rock) that provide acoustic perfection for any performance. The dramatic sandstone monoliths serve as a history book of animal and plant life in the area for the past 250 million years. As spectators gaze at the towering red sandstone rocks, they view the ancient tales of prehistoric times.

The area of Red Rocks, originally known as the Garden of Angels, has attracted the attention of musical performers since before the turn of the century.

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