Paul Meany of MUTEMATH shares the emotion of it all

Photo by: Carter Howe

MUTEMATH’s brand new record, Play Dead, was released on September 8th. It’s the band’s fifth studio album, and their first since 2015’s, Vitals. The two years in between served as both an eventful and defining time. A tour opening for Twenty One Pilots kept MUTEMATH on the road for a portion of 2016, and they faced perhaps their biggest challenge to date, as just last month drummer and co-founder, Darren King left the band.

Still MUTEMATH soldiers on, marching till the end. Their new record is filled with hope, light and love. On the heels completing a short eight-date run in Europe, the band kicked off their official Play Dead Live tour on September 14th at the House of Blues in Boston. Shortly after the band got off the plane, and few hours before showtime, I found myself in the green room with frontman, Paul Meany. Upon completing our “My Hometown” feature on New Orleans, I asked Meany — “All things considered, if you were to have a close your eyes moment on the journey to this point and what lies ahead, what is the emotion of it all? How do you feel?”

Photo by: Carter Howe

Paul Meany:

I feel really lucky. I just broke 40-years-old this past year. To get to do this, play music with close friends and travel around, I just feel really lucky. With the transition we’ve been through the past year, it heightens how appreciative I am for every day that I get to do this. You never know how much longer it can last. The focus for this tour and the next six weeks is to breathe in every day and enjoy every second.

Photo by: Carter Howe

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MUTEMATH’s new record, Play Dead is out now.

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