photo by: Paul Janovitz

By: Will Dailey

On Dropkick Murphy’s — 11 Short Stories of Pain & Glory Release Day.

What Dropkick Murphy’s Have Taught Me:

Keep going. Never stop making the sound you want in the world and don’t let anyone or anything hold you back.

Sounds change and flavors of the month come and go. Keep working on yourself and great things will happen to your art.

The Pride of Boston:

Being from Boston myself, artists from here might have to exude that pride more than any other entity. We don’t have the stats of the sports teams, money of the universities or the recognition of this countries history. You see that pride in the folk clubs, music rooms and rock bands. You see it in the hip hop and house concerts. DKM certainly champion this maybe the loudest and bring it with them wherever they go around the world.

DKM has an influence on the Boston scene and Boston as a whole with their work ethic and dedication to their music. It gives you hope when you see them building year after year. There is no demographic or genre in modern music for heavy melodic music with a celtic thread, featuring a bunch of sweaty tattooed men, yet DKM tour the world spreading their gospel and representing Boston. If you can’t take that as influence to be who you are and earn it every night on the road… Well then, there is always LA.

Favorite DKM moments:

For me it was the time Tim Brennan came into the studio when I was recording. We hadn’t met and I needed some squeeze box. Tim came in and graced a song called “Tomorrow Still Comes”. There was not reason for him to do this other than he’s the real deal and a truly versatile musician. He always finds something to do in a song to elevate it.

Favorite New DKM Tune From 11 Short Stories of Pain & Glory:

“Paying My Way” — That song has to be coming to a movie soon.

~Will Dailey

photo by: Paul Janovitz

Article in collaboration with Jeff Gorra — Artist Waves.

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