Will Dailey performs his brand new song“It Already Would Have Not Worked Out By Now” On Live From Nowhere

Live from Nowhere is a live music video series that pushes the boundaries of how we look at performance spaces. The series features stripped-down songs in places that are abandoned, decrepit, and often very, very wet.

The new episode features renowned Boston-based artist, Will Dailey.

About the video ~with Emily & Nico of Live From Nowhere:

The night before we went to film Will Dailey’s Live from Nowhere video, we learned a tough lesson in technology. Some phones don’t automatically store dropped pins. The coordinates we’d marked during our original location scout had been lost.

We’d first heard about a defunct pig farm a few months prior, and a big abandoned barn that allegedly still stood on the several acre property. However, when we scouted the location, our search turned up only a half-decayed stable in the middle of the woods. The barn we were looking for had been demolished, we later learned. We deemed the stable an appropriately decrepit location for the series, dropped a pin, and found our way back to civilization.

Now that we’d lost the coordinates the night before the shoot, we’d have to retrace our steps without the devices we’d become so reliant on. The next morning, we set off with Will and an uncommonly adventurous crew through meadows and trees to find our destination.

We decided to take what we believed would be a short cut (we took a round-about route on our first venture to avoid being spotted in open spaces). Suddenly, Nico noticed a shack that we hadn’t passed on our initial scout. Just beyond the shack through a web of trees we discovered two massive barns, just like the original barn we’d been looking for, only better.

If there’s anything Live from Nowhere has taught us, it’s that an adventurous spirit and a dose of serendipity can lead to incredible experiences. It was an honor to witness the first live performance of Will’s song “It Already Would Have Not Worked Out By Now.” The melancholy reconciliation of the lyrics juxtaposed against the wooden slats, animal bones, and rusted out Schlitz cans made for a poignant representation of the piece.

Will’s new album featuring “It Already Would Have Not Worked Out By Now” is set to release this winter.

Filmed on an abandoned pig farm in MA:

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