‘Stepping into that space was absolutely surreal’ ~ Live From Nowhere

Portland, ME based, Weakened Friends, are the latest group to be featured on the very unique — Live From Nowhere. Indie-Rock trio a stripped-down version of their new single, “Blue Again”. The group lugged their instruments up four flights of stairs to perform surrounded by broken bottles and orange sludge in the middle of an abandoned brewery in Massachusetts.

Weakened Friends new record Common Blah will be released on October 19th via Don Giovanni records.

Annie Hoffman (Weakened Friends Bass/Vocals):

Stepping into that space was absolutely surreal. It wasn’t just a vacant building that had once housed a brewery, everything was still there!!! Equipment, paperwork and schedules, ingredients, kegs and bottles. It was as if the employees had just vanished into thin air in the middle of a work day. Being in that space was fascinating and, at the same time, a bit sad and sobering (for lack of a better term). Playing music there felt like performing in a time capsule. It was a really unique experience!

Nico Rivers (Live From Nowhere):

This building is just one of many possessions belonging to a top-notch collector. Each floor of the building seemed to have a different theme — a brewery on this floor, old juke boxes and records on this floor, arcade games in this room and on and on. It was a beautiful scene preserved like a dusty, smelly time capsule.

Emily Graham-Handley (Live From Nowhere):

Before the brewery shut down it was a hub of activity. In addition to the giant vats and bar areas there was a boxing ring and vintage motorcycle collection. Old documents lay on long-defunct conveyor belts. The building was a labyrinth of clues about it’s former life.

Catch Weakened Friends ON TOUR this fall.

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Michael Young/Fenway Park 9.2.18