Performing their new song “Animals Like Me” at an abandoned theater

Photo by: David Manch

Live from Nowhere is a live music video series that pushes the boundaries of how we look at performance spaces. The series features stripped-down songs in places that are abandoned, decrepit, and often very, very wet.

Their latest video with Walter Sickert and the Army of Broken Toys was shot on the stage of an old movie theater that’s been abandoned since 1979. The band plays a brand new song, “Animals Like Me,” casting creepy shadows on the tattered screen.

Live From Nowhere:

“Gazing from a vacant street, you’d never guess that this gem of abandoned beauty sits inside the dismal grey concrete walls that surround. Once inside, the remains of previous movie or concert-goers litter the floor and seats. Old beer cans, promotional signs and popcorn containers can be found throughout the debris and on the stage, hangs a tattered movie screen. The pictures we had seen before the shoot could not even hold a candle to the actually feeling, sight and smell of those first steps into the theater.

One night I was driving to a gig and Emily and I were on the phone, brainstorming about which artist we should invite to perform in this location. I don’t recall all the options that were thrown out there, but I do remember that when Emily was halfway through saying, “Walter Sickert and the Army…” I was already slamming my hands on the steering wheel with excitement. We had seen them perform at Once Ballroom in Somerville and their performance was captivating. Once we were set up and they began performing “Animals Like Me” on the decrepit stage, it was clear that they were meant to perform in this location.”

Photo by: Ciaran Dalton

Walter Sickert and the Army of Broken Toys:

“Performing at the shuddered, historic Victory Theatre was like an elaborate scavenger hunt. We found lost moments in time; the echoes of patrons past. The ghost voices of forgotten movies whispered from around dark corners and the backs of the balconies. Detritus littered the walkways where elegant shoes once softly tread. We wrote “Animals Like Me” specifically for the space. The haunting nature of the song was reflected and amplified by its surroundings. The music and the atmosphere perfectly melded to become one heart-bursting entity.”

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Catch Walter Sickert and the Army of Broken Toys live — October 26th at the Museum of Science planetarium.

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